And all of them depend on this 1 big goal //


A few weeks ago, I wrote to let you know I’m back on board as National Director. And a big part of that is the incredible potential I see for our party at this moment.

From the millions of Canadians who got to know Jagmeet and were inspired by our movement, to the incredible candidates and local teams who grew their support in communities across the country – we’ve set the stage for our movement to keep growing and accomplish big things next year.

But in a minority government situation, and with too many Canadians still struggling, we can’t afford to slow down for a moment. Our team has a plan to start 2020 strong and keep building – but it depends on hitting our $1 million target in the next 2 days. Will you chip in $3 to make sure we get there?

Chip in!

John, there are three things we need to get to work on right away in 2020 if we’re going to accomplish what we need to get done.

We need to make sure we can be the strongest possible voice – in Ottawa and across the country – for the priorities we know Canadian families need and overwhelmingly support, like pharmacare and real action on the climate crisis.

We need to keep building on the support we saw for Jagmeet across the country and make sure our local teams have what they need to keep building in their communities – especially in places where New Democrats came close this year.

And we need to show we’re strong and campaign ready – because an election could happen at any time.

We have a plan to do it, John – but I need to know we have the resources in place. With 2 days to go we’re still $89,000 short – will you chip in to make sure we hit this target?


Thank you,


Anne McGrath
National Director
Canada’s NDP

What's the deal with the tax credit?

Donations to the NDP are eligible for a generous tax credit which means you get to help us fight for what people need and get a nice big return at tax time – it's win-win!

You get 75% of the first $400 you give. So at the end of the day, you spend $100 – but our team can invest $400 to build on our campaign momentum, stand up for everyday Canadians, and start 2020 strong and ready for anything.

Donate before December 31 and get the max out of your tax return.


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