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Dear Patriot,

Liberty is under fire, and all who defend it. A radical political movement is gaining ground, threatening America's history, borders, language, objective science, free markets, core rights, and common sense. They hope to intimidate and silence conservative thinkers, replacing God-given individual liberties with big government.

Freedoms embedded in our Constitution are being stripped away, quickly and with life-changing results. The left is serious, already creating transformational damage.

Over the last few short years, we have watched mainstream liberal politicians fundamentally work to change America.

The left is determined to tear down sacred and time-honored institutions, traditions, history, cultural norms, and core values that make America the greatest liberty-preserving endeavor in human history.

Why? Because that is what leftists, Marxists, and those who pursue power for power's sake do.

But here is the good news:

Patriots have always stood for rule of law, individual liberty, free markets, free speech, freedom to worship, and freedom from government overreach. We have the courage to stand up - and with that courage, we change history, preserve the good, honor those who passed the torch to us. That is what AMAC does, we stand up for what is right, every day - and we need you, because liberty lives only by the light and conviction of patriots.

JOIN AMAC - The Association of Mature American Citizens.

Here are three reasons why now is the time to become an AMAC member:

First - Joining AMAC saves you money.

From discounts on travel and lodging, cell phones and plans, access to insurance products, and much more, AMAC's money-saving benefits are a real, powerful tool against rising inflation. If for no other reason, join to save money.

Second - AMAC is a trusted source of information.

Our bi-monthly magazine, fresh and cutting-edge website content, podcasts with America's top thought leaders, and an app that delivers breaking coverage, the AMAC Newsline team is tops, and will keep you ahead of the news.

Third - AMAC is your voice on Capitol Hill.

Millions are happy members, sleeping better at night, because AMAC is in the fight, at every level, on every critical issue, with an unrivaled record for making a difference for liberty, protecting and restoring conservative values across the nation. With more than two-million members and growing, AMAC is your voice - and a voice that cannot be ignored. AMAC is working tirelessly to preserve our freedoms.

Please take a moment, and salute the past, preserve the future, and stand with over two-million others by joining AMAC today.
AMAC - The Association of Mature American Citizens

5 Orville Drive, Suite 400, Bohemia, NY 11716 | 888-262-2006
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