2019 was a big year – but here’s how we make 2020 even bigger //


In the weeks since the election, I’ve had the privilege to stand up in the house and fight for pharmacare and dental care. I stood with our NDP team as we successfully pressed every party to support our motion to stop the court case against Indigenous kids.

And I’ve travelled to communities like Iqaluit and Fredericton, and talked to people who need New Democrats in their corner.

John, I can tell you that we’re in a strong position right now. We have an opportunity to fight for people – and we have to make the most of it every single day. That’s our plan for 2020 – but we need the resources to do it. Will you chip in to help us hit our end-of-year fundraising target and make it happen?

Chip in!

John, everywhere I go since the campaign, I talk to countless people who tell me they were inspired by our work. We grew our movement, we built up our team across the country, and we made people believe they can have leaders who are in their corner – not the richest people and corporations.

But we have a big fight ahead of us. Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government have made their priorities for 2020 clear. Once again, they’ve said a lot of pretty words, but made no plans to act on pharmacare, housing, or the climate crisis.

We’re going to have to show them that we have millions of everyday people behind us – and we won’t stop fighting for them. We need to show our strength and make sure they know we’re ready for anything. And we need to build on our work and get election ready – so we can elect even more New Democrats – no matter when the next election happens.

But I need you to stand with me again, John – and help me make sure we’re building on the important work we did together in 2019 every day of 2020. It starts with this end-of-year fundraising target – and my team is telling me we’re still short of our goal with 3 days to go. Will you chip in $3 right now?


Thank you, and Happy New Year!


Jagmeet Singh
Canada’s NDP

What's the deal with the tax credit?

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You get 75% of the first $400 you give. So at the end of the day, you spend $100 – but our team can invest $400 to build on our campaign momentum, stand up for everyday Canadians, and start 2020 strong and ready for anything.

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