This one simple change could give full, free dental care to those who need it most. //


This week, the Liberals announced a tax cut that gives the most benefits to the wealthy – while millions of Canadians who struggle to make ends meet wait for relief.

So we’re asking them to work with us to change their $6 billion dollar plan – because instead of tax giveaways for people making 6 figures, they could give dental care to those who need it most, right away.

John, New Democrats are determined to keep pressing Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government to take concrete actions to help everyday Canadians. But we need them, the other parties, and Canadians to take us seriously – and that means showing we’re strong, that Canadians are with us on these issues, and that we’re ready for whatever happens. To do it, we need to hit our end-of-year fundraising target by December 31. Will you chip in $3 to help?

Chip in!

John, for years, Justin Trudeau has put what his well-connected friends want over what the rest of us need. But this time it’s different. With a minority government and the energy and support we built during the campaign, we’re in a strong position to get more for Canadian families.

But it means we have to keep building, connecting with people across the country on our issues, and showing that we have the determination and the resources to stand firm.

To do it – and show that we’re ready to fight hard for things like dental care – we need to hit our $1 million end-of-year target. Will you chip in $3 right now to make it happen?


Thanks John,

Your NDP Team

What's the deal with the tax credit?

Donations to the NDP are eligible for a generous tax credit which means you get to help us fight for what people need and get a nice big return at tax time – it's win-win!

You get 75% of the first $400 you give. So at the end of the day, you spend $100 – but our team can invest $400 to build on our campaign momentum, stand up for everyday Canadians, and start 2020 strong and ready for anything.

Donate before December 31 and get the max out of your tax return.


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