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Hi John,

Friends, we have exciting news!! This week, the Department of Justice announced that 11 anti-abortion extremists have been charged with federal violations of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act for their roles in an abortion clinic blockade in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. The day of the Mt. Juliet blockade, Your pals at Abortion Access Front led a coalition of activists that monitored the blockade in real time and gathered much of the data and evidence that were included in the charges. AAF has been tracking those who have been charged, as well as the anti-abortion movement as a whole for years, and has background and facts about their history of clinic blockades, clinic invasions, violent rhetoric, and details of their coordinated patient and clinic harassment.

oh my gosh im so freaking excited

Many of the individuals charged are members of Operation Save America. This organization coordinates and executes clinic harassment across the country, argues for “biblical war” and the duty of Christian men to prepare for armed conflict. Calvin Zastrow and Chester Gallagher, two of the men charged with these FACE Act violations, have also made instructional videos on how to plan and execute clinic blockades. 

There is massive outcry from the anti-abortion movement and those who have been charged claiming this is a Biden administration “witch hunt” of peaceful protesters, and it’s maddening that NO ONE in mainstream news is covering this story and correcting the record. NEVER FEAR AAF IS HERE to give you the actual scoop. Watch as AAF founder Lizz Winstead and one of AAF’s incredible bad guy sleuths Kristin Hady yet again do the media’s job on this insta live and break down the real story with names and receipts

But That Was Only Part Of Our Really, Good, Very Badass, Awesome Week

We also were honored that Lizz was invited to Cooper Union, for a discussion with the incredible Maya “Shoulda Been Our Mayor” Wiley and NY State Rep Deborah Glick, exploring the intersections of voting, abortion rights, and Reproductive Justice; if they’re going to oppress half the population, they’ll get voted out

We can’t force anyone to pay attention, but if you stick with Abortion AF, we won’t stop shining a light on the truth!

Enough celebrating! Let’s get back to work. Here are some actions to take this week!

Y’all Want Some Rights?

Vermont for Reproductive Liberty is phone banking to get the word out on Article 22, the Reproductive Liberty Amendment! Join them virtually on Tuesday, October 11th, from 5:30 PM to 8 PM ET, registration here.

Watch, Laugh, Cry, Take Action!

We love to see positive pro-abortion stories out there changing the narrative. Four playwrights of color have taken an item from NNAF’s Abortion Funds Demands and have written short plays! You can join Company One Theater’s 2021-2022 Volt Lab playwrights virtual Reproductive and Body Justice for All on Thursday, October 13th at 7 PM ET for their watch party and ways to take action, registration here.

There are many more actions to take, so if these aren’t your jam,  just click on the activist calendar button and see what you fancy!

We gotta celebrate the wins and celebrate this wonderful community we have, who will never back down. We love ya and we couldn’t do this without ya, so if you are inspired, please drop a few coins in the Kitty to keep us going

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xo Your Good Troublemakers at Abortion AF

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