From James Carville <[email protected]>
Subject Donald Trump is about to attack THE most vulnerable Dem senator!
Date October 7, 2022 8:37 PM
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I just about spat my drink out, john: Right after Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV) started SURGING in the polls, Donald Trump has decided to personally fly into Nevada to stop her momentum with one of his MAGA rallies TOMORROW!

This is a crucial moment in our fight to defend the Senate majority, and Catherine needs every single one of us behind her to overcome Trump’s attacks. That’s why I’m personally asking you to split a donation of $25 between Catherine and Aaron Ford before Trump takes the stage tomorrow. [[link removed]]

It’s no surprise that Trump is flying in to attack Catherine. Thanks to supporters like you, Catherine has narrowed the polling gap with her right-wing opponent from 3 POINTS down to just 1 POINT. And that’s with Mitch McConnell and his allies spending more than $50 MILLION on vicious attack ads to keep Catherine down in the polls.

Catherine has the momentum in this race, but Donald Trump’s rally tomorrow will end it all if we don’t act now, john. That’s why we’ve set a $100,000 emergency goal before Donald Trump takes the stage and starts attacking Catherine.

I need you to split $25 between Catherine’s campaign and Aaron Ford – before Donald Trump breathes a single breath into that mic and starts spewing lies and attacks against Catherine in Nevada. Whatever you give will ensure we have the resources to protect this seat and Democratic Senate control! [[link removed]]

If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your split donation to Catherine Cortez Masto and Aaron Ford will go through immediately:

CHIP IN $10 NOW [[link removed]]
CHIP IN $25 NOW [[link removed]]

CHIP IN $50 NOW [[link removed]]
CHIP IN $100 NOW [[link removed]]

CHIP IN $250 NOW [[link removed]]
ANOTHER AMOUNT [[link removed]]

Donald Trump is counting on Democrats like you to sit this out, john, because our Senate majority WILL come down to whether Catherine wins or loses in Nevada.

Prove Trump wrong and join us in fighting back today!

James Carville
Ford for Nevada
PO Box 96003
Las Vegas, NV 89193
United States [[link removed]] | [email protected] [[email protected]]
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