From Martha Holton Dimick <[email protected]>
Subject John, we need to clear this up
Date October 7, 2022 12:27 AM
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This morning, m y opponent claimed in a blast email that she is “proud to be the only candidate in this race who is endorsed by national pro-choice groups.”
Today, a few supporters have reached out asking why I am not endorsed by the group she is referring to called “#VoteProChoice." I filled out their questionnaire affirming that I fully support a woman’s right to choose. My pregnancy story was even on the front page of the Star Tribune when Roe was overturned this June.
However, this group asked a questionnaire question that did not have to do with abortion rights that I answered “incorrectly” for them. That question is whether I support reducing the police budget. I believe we need to hire more public safety officers to deal with a rise in crime coupled with a 35% reduction in officer numbers in Minneapolis. That will take funding. Police violence is not a result of too much funding and getting rid of the police will not automatically make communities like mine safer.
I am disappointed that a “Pro-Choice” group would stake their endorsement on whether you support defunding the police. My opponent continues to receive support from these groups while avoiding questions about her own position. It might not always pay off for me politically, but I will continue to be transparent.
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I fully support a woman's right to choose, full stop. I was talking about the issue before any of my opponents because it is personally important to me. Defunding the police has nothing to do with abortion rights. While national groups who don't know the first thing about Minnesota are supporting my opponent, local officials (including 30 out of 31 Hennepin County mayors) support me.
We can elect a county attorney who will protect a woman's right to choose without compromising community safety. Don't believe anybody (or any national group) who tells you otherwise.
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