From Aaron Ford HQ <[email protected]>
Subject 🖐 weeks left
Date October 4, 2022 9:11 PM
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Hey john,

Today starts the final countdown of the last 🖐 weeks before Election Day, so we’re asking all our best supporters (that’s you!) to chip in $5 to keep our campaign running on all cylinders these last few weeks . [[link removed]] We’ll even give you five reasons why your contribution is so important right now:

1. A newly released poll shows the Republican nominee in this race, Sigal Chattah, beating Aaron by 2 points. With a race this tight, every dollar counts. 
2. Aaron is the only candidate in this race who supports the fundamental right to choose. Sigal has said she would lock up any woman who seeks out an abortion — putting women across the state at risk. 
3. Sigal is an election denier, and has significant ties to the January 6th insurrection. She cannot be trusted to sit in Nevada’s Attorney General office during the 2024 presidential election, when Republicans may use sham lawsuits to influence election results. 
4. The Republican Attorneys General Association is going up with television ads next week and they’re sure to spread lies about Aaron’s record. We can’t let those attacks go unanswered. 
5. Sigal Chattah is so extreme and out-of-touch with Nevada values that over a dozen prominent Nevada Republicans came together to publicly endorse Aaron’s campaign. She doesn’t represent us and should not be allowed to serve as the People’s Lawyer. 

$5 might not seem like a lot, especially compared to the hundreds of thousands Sigal is receiving from special interest groups and national Republicans. But the truth is we rely on small dollar donations to emails just like this one to fuel our work. $5 multiplied by the strength of this grassroots team can have a huge impact on the results of this election, and it couldn’t come at a more critical time.

john: Will you chip in $5 today to help power our campaign for the next five weeks? Your support is so appreciated. [[link removed]]

DONATE $5 [[link removed]]

DONATE $5 WEEKLY [[link removed]]

Aaron has been working nonstop for the last four weeks to protect Nevada consumers, catch and punish scammers and fraudsters, and fight back against injustice. He deserves to be re-elected to keep building on that progress, and with your support, we’re going to do it.

High five! 🖐 Thanks,

Team Ford
Ford for Nevada
PO Box 96003
Las Vegas, NV 89193
United States [[link removed]] | [email protected] [[email protected]]
Paid for by the Committee to Elect Aaron Ford
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