My mind is still blown.

I grew up in the holler, lost my dad after my recovery I began to organize, do work with the state house, talk at the White House, and do the work organizing my community. I still take care of my 3 kids, work 2 jobs and volunteer at 1 while running for office.?

Even with this busy life, last weekend I MCed an Healing Appalachia. Over 10,000 people from 31 states and 3 countries attended the event. Its goal was informing the people of Appalachia on substance use disorder and how to safely administer Narcan to save lives. The Recovery community did great work over the weekend.?

While MCing concert was an amazing. I know it's the community that matters and makes these things possible. I am lucky enough to be working on the issues that are so close to my heart.

Most of the work isn't grandiose. it's individual conversations with people in our communities, its trying to get the ear of elected officials, its connecting people with resources they need, its giving people the tools to fight for themselves & too many zoom meetings.?


Politicians have all this power to overcome these challenges, access to healthcare, fixing all these obstacles that create problems to people even being able to work and have a chance to improve their circumstances. Even with all this power politicians do not fix these issues.?

Midnight tomorrow is our fundraising deadline before we do our last filing in the election and need $1100 to reach our fundraising goals. We need your help today! Please donate $20 or whatever you can spare to get us as across this finish line.

I appreciate you being part of the our struggle to recover our state. I will not let you or the people of Appalachia down.?

Thank you for your support,
Joanna Vance

Democratic Nominee

West Virginia House of Delegates 43?