Our first hybrid Annual Meeting on Saturday was a success! We were excited that more than 400 members participated in voting on our issue priorities in recent days. And we’re grateful for everyone who took part – before, during and after the meeting – in discussing and reflecting on their vision for a better Alabama.

After careful consideration, Arise members voted to renew their commitment to these seven issue priorities in 2023:

2023 issue priorities: Arise's roadmap to a better Alabama. Our issue priorities are tax reform, adequate state budgets, voting rights, criminal justice reform, death penalty reform, public transportation and payday and title lending reform. Learn more at alarise.org.
  • Adequate budgets for human services like education, health care and child care, including Medicaid expansion to make health coverage affordable for all Alabamians.
  • Tax reform, including untaxing groceries and capping the state’s upside-down deduction for federal income taxes, which overwhelmingly benefits rich households.
  • Voting rights, including automatic universal voter registration, removal of barriers to voting rights restoration for disenfranchised Alabamians, and other policies to protect and expand multiracial democracy in the state.
  • Criminal justice reform, including retroactive application of state sentencing guidelines and repeal of the Habitual Felony Offender Act.
  • Death penalty reform, including a law to require juries to be unanimous in any decision to impose a death sentence.
  • Public transportation to empower Alabamians with low incomes to stay connected to work, school, health care and their communities.
  • Payday and title lending reform to protect consumers from getting trapped in debt.

You can read more about Arise’s 2023 issue priorities here. We thank all of you who proposed issues and weighed in during summer listening sessions and town halls.

In the months leading up to the Legislature’s 2023 regular session, we will share more information about these issues. Please help us spread the word by following us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter and sharing our posts with your friends.

If you’re already an individual member of Alabama Arise, thank you! If you’re not, please join us today with a contribution starting at just $15 a year. Together, we can ensure dignity, equity and justice for all Alabamians. Together, we can build a better future for our state!


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