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Subject READ: the city that became the center of the 'Defund the Police' movement is grappling with heightened violent crime
Date September 25, 2022 6:05 PM
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This morning’s CNN story outlining the public safety crisis in Minneapolis details what we have all been feeling these past few years. It also goes in-depth on the divide over public safety that exists within Hennepin County and the Democratic Party.
"Last year, progressives touted a ballot measure that was said to be a referendum on the 'defund' concept. Question 2, as it was known locally, would have replaced the Minneapolis Police Department with a new 'public health-oriented' Department of Public Safety and removed a minimum staffing requirement from the city charter.
It failed in November, with 56% of voters rejecting it. That figure was 61% in north Minneapolis, a pair of neighboring city wards where Blacks make up a strong plurality of the roughly 66,000 residents. All but one of the 17 precincts in the north voted against the measure." —CNN, September 25, 2022 [[link removed]]
Though we are both Democrats who believe in criminal justice reform, there are stark differences between myself and my opponent on policing and public safety. I live in North Minneapolis and have experienced the increase in violent crime right outside my door. I’ve watched wonderful families leave my neighborhood for Brooklyn Park and Golden Valley because of the violence. And I believe that addressing the recent rise in crime should not come after other political priorities. It is an existential threat and it is our job as county attorney to hold perpetrators of this violence accountable. We have been falling short.
Here are the facts:

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The job of the County Attorney is to put the safety of the people they serve first, above the demands of politicians and extremists, above adherence to strict ideology, and above one’s own ambition and ego. Residents of Hennepin County are ready for that new leadership. Families of victims of violent crime need justice. Residents affected by police misconduct need accountability.
I am proud to be endorsed by the Star Tribune, law enforcement, the vast majority of labor unions, and 30 out of the 31 Hennepin County mayors who have weighed in on the race. I need your support to continue to get my message out across Hennepin County. [[link removed]]
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