Last week, multiple special sessions have been called.

Greetings John,

Last week the Republican majority called a series of special sessions to dismantle the state. Since they were sworn in they have already; further weakened unions, removed the state income tax, undermined education and further jerrymandered all forms of government they can get their hands on.?

There are several major items being fought over decided last week.?

Amendment 1 places the court's involvement or oversight on impeachments with the upper chamber of the house. This action functions as a rearguard existing republican power by de-federalizing and placing in the hands of a jerrymandered office all oversight of itself.?

Amendment 2 strips the state of the ability to tax many forms of business capital. Including exemptions for machinery, equipment, inventory and motor vehicles.
The problem here should be self evident. In a state that has one of the lowest median incomes in the country, putting an increasing share of that tax burden on working people is an attack on working people.?

The long fought-against abortion ban passed Tuesday night. The legislation bans abortion with exception for when the mother's life is at risk. It also provides some options narrow in some cases of rape and incest. These small exemptions should be little comfort to anyone. While I was there organizing in defense of reproductive rights, my opponent was on the floor voting for this bill.?

All of this is occurring under the threat of Lindsey Graham's proposed national abortion ban.

My opponent has now begun to campaign. His signs can be found all across the district and mailers are being readied for sending. Toney seeks to undo all the hard work my team has done reaching the folks in my district.?
We will fight harder! We are still saving money for mailers, we cannot match republican money but we can send out mail to counter some of his efforts.
Please donate $25 today using the button below to keep this race moving forward.?

I appreciate you being part of our fight and will not let you or the people of my district down.?

Thank you for your support,
Joanna Vance

Democratic Nominee

West Virginia House of Delegates 43?