John -- in my email yesterday, I told you President Trump is all-in on a solid strategy to help us recapture the House Majority from the Democrats, especially in the wake of the ridiculous impeachment. Trump is putting his money where his mouth is — but we need to do our part by acting today!.

We have only hours left in the Triple Match (midnight tonight) where every contribution we receive for my campaign for Congress will be TRIPLE MATCHED! This is how we fight back!

Can you help us take advantage of this offer by contributing before midnight Saturday?


PS: please forward this email on to at least 5 friends and ask them to contribute as little as $5 to the cause. We need to show President Trump and House Republicans that we can retake the House Majority and California. Help do it by saving my Congressional seat and flipping 5-7 others! Here’s the secure link friends can use to help.