From TOTAL TRUMP TAKEOVER ALERT 🤮 <[email protected]>
Subject 7X match to stop MAGA Republicans
Date September 23, 2022 1:30 AM
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➢ BAN abortion
➢ REPEAL marriage equality
➢ OVERTURN elections

That's a sneak peek into our future if MAGA Republicans take back the House …

DONATE NOW > To keep these extremists OUT of the House Majority

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Now, new reporting reveals that GOP leader Kevin McCarthy personally lobbied Donald Trump to run in 2024, telling him to announce after Republicans win the House this year.

That’s awfully confident for a party that’s losing special elections, down in generic ballot polls, and hanging their political hopes on someone potentially facing indictment.

That's why we're activating an emergency 700% donor match: To prove Kevin wrong and stop a GOP landslide this November.


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This confirms what we’ve been saying for MONTHS: Taking back the House Majority is the first step in the Republican Party’s plan for a TOTAL TRUMP TAKEOVER of our democracy. 🤮

“We're going to take back the House… the Senate… [and] that beautiful beautiful White House.”
— Donald J. Trump

Here’s their plan:

→ STEP ONE: Take back the House Majority and fill it with MAGA loyalists.

→ STEP TWO: Launch Trump 2024’s presidential campaign.

→ STEP THREE: HELP GUARANTEE Trump’s victory by calling on the new MAGA Majority to refuse to certify election results they don’t like.

Step one is already underway, John. Pitch in NOW to get matched 7X and stop MAGA loyalists in their tracks and SAVE the Democratic House Majority.

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But here’s the good news: We still have time to stop them! Polling shows that Democrats are LEADING Republicans in the generic ballot ahead of the midterm elections, meaning more voters prefer Democrats over Republicans to control the House.

If we can capitalize on this momentum, defeat MAGA Republicans, and save our House Majority, we can stop their plans for a Total Trump Takeover before they ever have the chance to get off the ground.

Now, we just need to know: Are you with us? Pitch in now, get matched 7X, and help us stop this Total Trump Takeover.

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Thank you for being a committed supporter of House Majority PAC. We're working every day to protect our Democratic Majority.

Because President Obama said it best:

"You need to vote because our Democracy depends on it."

Donate $5 to Protect Our House Majority >> [link removed]

President Obama is right, John. We can't sit back and let Republicans ruin our democracy.

That's why we send you so many emails. We rely on grassroots supporters like you to fuel our efforts to take Republicans down. Our average online donation is $18.09. And we put every cent to good use to make sure our Democratic Majority has the resources they need to win.

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From everyone here at team House Majority PAC, we're so grateful for your support!

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