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Subject If he can't tell his story, he'll lose
Date September 23, 2022 1:15 AM
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Alek for Oregon As a soldier, Alek was trained to take out a terrorist threat -
As an American, he was taught to stand up for freedom no matter where I was in
the wor We’re spending money like drunken sailors. Our individual liberties
have been trounced and continue to be under constant threat from authoritarians
running the show in D.C. and President Biden and VP Harris clearly do NOT have
a grip on the power they wield. .


If I can't tell this story to voters in my district, I'm going to lose my race.

It would be bad for not just Southwest Oregon, but for the country if I lost
on November 8th. BecuaseI think people have had enough of this one party
leadership that's obviously taken us down the wrong path.

It was Friday, August 21, 2015. I boarded train #9364 in Brussels, bound for
Paris. My plans were simple and spirits were high. I was on vacation with my
two best friends after completing a tour in Afghanistan as a U.S. soldier.

But someone we didn’t expect boarded the train that day too, and he would
change our lives forever.

Ayoub El-Khazzani, an ISIS terrorist emerged from the bathroom, bare-chested
and armed with a box cutter, an assault rifle, a jar of gasoline, and 270
rounds of ammunition attempted to take over and kill more than 500 passengers.

And he would have succeeded, except he didn’t know three proud Americans were
aboard and ready to fight like hell.I tapped my friend on the shoulder and
said: ‘Let’s go.’

As a soldier, I was trained to take out a terrorist threat - As an American,
I was taught to stand up for freedom no matter where I was in the world. Which
is why I, my friends and other brave travelers took the action needed to stop
this terrorist.

In just a moment, I am going to ask you to donate $3 to my campaign for
Congress, in honor of the seventh anniversary of the Thalys train attack.
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But first, you need to understand why we need an American fighter like myself
in Washington.

CHIP IN $3 ➞
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Right now, our homeland is in danger. Not from radical Islamic terrorists,
but radical Democrats who want to fundamentally alter the fabric of this GREAT
nation. Leftist legislation is assaulting our Nation, our communities, and the
American Dream.

Right now, Democrats are…
* Opening and destroying our borders. They are granting dangerous amnesty
that have and will continue to flood every corner of America.

* Raising our taxes like we have never seen, and making common goods like gas
and groceries unaffordable.

* Indoctrinating the American people with their woke, Leftist ideology

* Teetering on the edge of dangerous foreign policy crises
These power-hungry Democrat elitists like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden don’t
care about the people they represent. They only care about their own radical
agenda, and my opponent, Val Hoyle will be another one of their foot soldiers.

The Biden Democrats' grip on power in Washington is seriously undermining our
freedom, prosperity, and security. The only way to pull America out of this
leftist tailspin is by taking back the House THIS November.We need a fighter in
Congress, John and I hope that hearing my story proves to you that I am the man
for the job.
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Send a Fighter to Congress ➞
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My life’s mission has always been to represent the America I know and love –
the world’s bastion of freedom and economic prosperity.I am taking that mission
and putting it into action by running for Congress, by fighting for my
neighbors and their wellbeing in Washington.
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This will not be an easy road, which is why I am reaching out to you. I will
need the financial support of every American patriot; every single dollar will
help.Can I count on you to join my team with a donation of $7 – to mark my
seventh anniversary of thwarting a terrorist attack?
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God Bless,
Alek Skarlatos

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Alek Skarlatos
Republican for Congress

Alek is a former Oregon National Guardsman, completing a nine-month deployment
in Afghanistan. Alek, along with four others, stopped an armed terrorist on a
Paris-bound train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris in August 2015. His heroism
earned him several awards and medals around the world.To support Alek’s
campaign chip in $5 or more today!
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Alek Skarlatos is a former Oregon National Guardsman. Use of his military
rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the
Department of Homeland Security or the Department of Defense.

Paid For By Alek For Oregon

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