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Subject If Democracy crumbles, which side will YOU be on
Date September 23, 2022 12:31 AM
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Jack — President Biden's unprecedented speech was a warning as stark as it was honest: the Cult-of-MAGA is a clear and present danger to our Democracy.
We need look no further than Arizona to see it.
That's where Democrat Katie Hobbs is locked in a Governor's race against a Trump-loving election-denier who has promised to retroactively (and illegally) "decertify" President Biden's win in the state, if elected.
But as direct as the President's words were, Jack, he did not go far enough. The truth is, the Good-ol-Boy GOP poses just as dire a threat.
Just look to Georgia, where the incomparable Stacey Abrams is battling an incumbent Governor who has openly bragged about enacting draconian voting restrictions to disadvantage Democrats!!
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