From Ron DeSantis <[email protected]>
Subject The Left is scared of freedom
Date September 23, 2022 12:30 AM
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Elitist Democrat politicians like Charlie Crist and his friend from
California, Representative Adam Schiff, are calling me “the most dangerous
governor in America,” and you know what...

They fear me because I represent a threat to their agenda.

I am not afraid to stand up to them and protect the people of my state from
their destructive agenda.

Can I count on you to stand with me today with an immediate donation? >>>>
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Right now, your help is critical. I have a giant target on my back because I
stand up to the liberals and win.
* I stood up to Anthony Fauci when he tried to push his disastrous schemes on
America. While lockdown liberals made hysterical power-grabs, I protected
Floridians’ jobs, protected the right to worship together in-person, and put
freedom first.
* I stood up to the big teachers’ unions, who lobbied to keep kids out of the
classroom, by guaranteeing open schools for Florida students. In Florida, our
policies were driven by data and common sense – not fear or special interests.
* I stood up to radicals who wanted to brainwash our children with divisive
and anti-American ideologies like Critical Race Theory when I signed laws to
ensure that our children grow up knowing, like you and I do, that America is
the greatest nation on Earth!
* I stood up to woke Hollywood elites and corporations who wanted to overrule
the laws of our state that protect children and parental rights.
* I stood up to the Democrats in Washington, D.C. who want to federalize
elections and make it easier to commit fraud by ensuring that we have fair and
free elections in Florida where every legal vote counts.
And because of this, I’m the #1 target for the Democrats this fall, and they
will stop at nothing to ensure I don’t get re-elected in November.

The liberals in Washington, D.C., the big tech billionaires in Silicon Valley,
the Hollywood elites, and extreme Left-wing megadonors like George Soros –
they're all doubling down to boost my opponent, because they know that if they
can defeat me,there will be no one else who will fight as hard as I do for you.

Don’t let that happen! Rush in a donation right now to help re-elect me this
fall, so that I can keep fighting for you! >>>>
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Sincerely, Ron DeSantis
P.S. My Biden fanboy liberal opponent, former-Congressman Charlie Crist,
raised more than $3 million from Left-wing donors after winning the Democrat
primary recently. Now he has the help of California extreme Leftists like
Governor Gavin Newsom and “Russia-gate” Congressman Adam Schiff, so it’s
important that we have the resources to fight back.
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Paid by Ron DeSantis, Republican, for Governor
Ron DeSantis for Governor | 301 W. Platt Street, Suite 345, Tampa, FL 33606
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