From Ed Davey - Liberal Democrats <[email protected]>
Subject A disgrace.
Date December 20, 2019 4:09 PM
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The Queen’s Speech made it clear John. Johnson’s right-wing government is determined to push through Brexit legislation - no matter what.

Today, Boris Johnson will take his reckless Withdrawal Agreement to MPs. It will be rushed through to meet the arbitrary deadline of January 31st.

Johnson and his government don't care how it will affect British people, or how the worst off in our society will be hit hardest. They just want to push Brexit through, whatever the cost.

A harmful Brexit deal isn’t the only plan they have which will irreparably damage our country. Among the announcements in the Queen’s Speech are plans to:

- Set a legal deadline to end the ‘transition period’ with the EU in December 2020 - with or without a trade deal
- Scrap freedom of movement and introduce a discriminatory points-based immigration system
- Require photo ID to vote, disenfranchising thousands if not millions of British people

This is a disgrace John. The Conservatives are already running roughshod over our democracy and our human rights.

Labour won’t hold the Conservatives to account. They’re too busy fighting amongst themselves.

Only the Liberal Democrats can take on this Conservative government, before they do irreversible damage to our country.

This will be the fight of our lives John. Will you register as a supporter and help us take on the Tories?

Register as a supporter➜ <[link removed]>Labour will spend the next three months fighting amongst themselves. The Liberal Democrats will spend those months working hard to take the fight to the Conservatives and continuing to take our positive, liberal, internationalist message to the country.

We are the real opposition to this right-wing Brexit government John, which means we have a lot of work to do. With you on board, we can continue hold Boris Johnson and his government to account.

Best wishes,

Ed Davey
Liberal Democrats

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