It’s Jamie Raskin.

As the DCCC’s first-ever Organizing Chair, I’m reaching out with a big request:

Can you chip in $3 to defend our House Majority? House Democrats are making bold, HISTORIC investments to win every last vote in every last district all across the country -- but we need your help to protect and expand our House Majority. Can I count on your support?

Democrats have a tough road ahead:

1 -- Republicans have amassed a staggering war chest,

2 -- They’re passing voter suppression laws and nominating GOP extremists in their gerrymandered districts,

3 -- And our House Majority is already one of the slimmest in modern history.

So I’m reaching out with an urgent warning: We can’t let the party of insurrection and corruption retake power. We need to roll up our sleeves and get to work -- NOW, and EVERY DAY UNTIL THE ELECTION.

That’s why I’m calling on 2,200 grassroots Democrats to rise to the occasion and help us meet this pivotal moment head-on.

Can I count on you to rush in $3 to defend House Democrats and defeat Trump’s dangerous House GOP? It will go a long way in our efforts to protect and expand our democracy at this history-defining moment:
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With solidarity and gratitude,


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