UNITED UPDATES: September 2022!

And we're back, after a restful summer break!

We hope you had a rejuvenating summer just like we did. We are back now with more activities to fight exclusion and stay UNITED!

1. Join Youth Expert Conversation!

❗Are you a youth leader, interested in Youth participation & Peace in Europe, Africa and Asia? 📣
UNITED is excited to join “Erasmus+ Worldwide: Global Dialogue on Youth Participation & Peace initiative” and invite you to expand your network by joining a global community of youth experts and peace-builders.
If selected, you will have a chance to join a series of thematic workshops on:
💪🏽 “Youth empowerment – empty words or a living strategy? Exploring youth participation in local and international governance”
🌪️ Youth Movements & decolonising climate change
🤑 Youth access to funding
🌐 EU-supported student & alumni networks
Participants will also be invited to contribute to the development of policy recommendations which will be shared with international donors. Those who successfully complete the programme, will be invited to join the global network and learn about various professional opportunities from each other & our partners.
⚠ Application deadline: Tuesday, 20th September, 2PM CET
✅ Would you like to apply? Learn more about our project on, and find the link for the application at:  https://www.globalyouth.eu

2. Views from the Field: What Does Europe Mean for the European Youth?

We have a new publication up on our website!

It's a summary of the 7 U4EU Community Dialogue Events, the Info Day and the Youth Workshop that were organised during the implementation of the project Youth Debating the Future of Europe (U4EU) in nine European countries (Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Greece, and Bulgaria) from September 2021 until June 2022.

In the last years a number of events took place across Europe and have challenged the founding values of the European Union: the Eurozone crisis, the refugee crisis and Brexit have led to an increase in Euroscepticism.

396 young people (in total) from different EU countries participated in our project with the purpose to generate a debate about the future of Europe, to provide alternatives to existing problematic situations and to get informed about the project and the importance of volunteering and youth participation.

These events aimed to suggest ways of creating a more democratic Union and to develop stronger sense of ownership about the E.U.

During these events, the Video “What Does Europe Mean to Me…?” that was produced during the first months of the project, was projected and informational lectures about EU institutions and policies were organised.

Interested in more information? Head on over to our website, here.

3. Radicalisation and Violent Extremism Prevention in the Community

UNITED, as part of our project "Radicalisation and Violent Extremism Prevention in the Community" (r2com) is looking for organisations and persons with expertise on the matter.
Our aim is to reach out for your cooperation to join a special database (map) of expertise in the OSCE/EU region of stakeholders who have capacities related to radicalisation and the prevention of violent extremism in general.
What you need to do?
Its simple, first please add yourselves to this simple google form: https://forms.gle/Qt5vzjhUKjbvaEgV9
If you did that, we will send you a cooperation agreement (related to GDPR and credits etc.) and you will have to send it to us signed by your legal representative or in case you are an expert by yourselves.
Share the call to others, who you consider relevant for us, you can send me their contact or send it to them directly. If we already identified them maybe they get more encouragement if we both reach out to them.
Your help keeps us going!

Lastly - it's that time of the year, and the 9th of November is right around the corner! Stay tuned for updates about our plans, and in the meanwhile, take a look at our past campaigns.

Happy to be working with you all again!

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