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Hey john!

Your AAF pals are back from vacay...tanned, rested and our “special master” needs some new batteries! That means we are bringing you a new episode of our podcast, “Feminist Buzzkills Live!” 

Moji and Lizz are holding it down this week, because with so many trigger bans taking effect last week, Marie is in overdrive helping all kinds of people get their abortions. She is also a Packer fan, so that Brett Favre news is another undue burden she must endure. 

Coming up on this week’s show: 

Personhood (the next step on the Bataan Death March of our bodily autonomy) is inching its way closer to the Supreme Court, thanks to some Rhode Island crackpots. 

PLUS, you’ll hear from a South Carolina politician who thinks teen marriage is just fine, but only if they don’t have access to birth control.


And as abortion clinics close, this very real void is being filled by fake clinics. Joining us to talk about all the ways anti-abortion politicians are raining your tax dollars down on these menace clinics is Ashley Underwood, fake clinic researcher and director at Equity Forward

We all need to laugh through this pain, and who better to throw some hilarious fuel on the rage fire than a star of “Better Things” and host of the podcast “Kill Me Now” comedian Judy Gold

All that plus the weekly round up of the good, the bad and the creepy news from the abort-o-sphere, so let’s get to it! Subscribe and download if you haven’t already, wherever you get your podfix! 


We missed you! It’s good to be back!

Xo Lizz, Moji and Marie


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