John -- I don’t know about you, but watching this absurd Impeachment circus being run by Congressional Democrats has me both furious and motivated.

I’m furious because the Democrats know they don’t have a case for impeachment, but with tomorrow’s vote they will prove they are willing to abuse their power and try to overturn the vote of the American people without cause.

I’m motivated because Democrats are making a huge political mistake and we need to be ready to punish them at the polls for it. We MUST retake the House in this election or I predict Democrats will not only block President Trump’s agenda in the second term, they will likely impeach him again.

The math is simple: to retake the House Majority, I MUST FIRST WIN THIS HOUSE SEAT! THEN we must flip 5-7 Congressional seats here in California.

We will have to convince President Trump and the National Republican Party that we can do it! I'm ready to make that case — but for that case to be convincing, we need to show them our movement is HUGE here in California.

Can you please contribute today so we can show them our movement is in a position to fight and win in California to retake the House Majority?

We have only 77 days left until Election Day — and only 47 days left until voting begins.

Please do whatever you can today!

Carl DeMaio

PS: Please forward this email on to at least 5 friends and ask them to contribute as little as $5 to the cause. We need to show President Trump and House Republicans that we can retake the House Majority and California help do it by saving my Congressional seat and flipping 5-7 others! Here’s the secure link friends can use to help.