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Colorful text reads 5 PART PODCAST SERIES. Announcing Operation Save Abortion as a podcast!

Listen up john!

Sharpen your pencils and get out your Trapper Keeper - Abortion School is IN SESSION. 

Abortion Access Front is releasing its stellar Operation Save Abortion activist training program as a podcast!   

Now you can listen, learn, and figure out where you best fit in and can fight for this movement – directly supporting independent clinics or volunteering for abortion funds, taking to the streets and making good trouble, or lobbying lawmakers to influence legislation.

Hear directly from the absolute superstars of the movement, the people who have been doing this work on the ground and have perfected it to an art – like Renee Bracey Sherman (executive director, We Testify); Kwajelyn Jackson (executive director, Feminist Women’s Health Center in Atlanta); Jay Thibodeau (communications director, Abortion Care Network, keepourclinics.org); and Viva Ruiz (Thank God For Abortion). 

Get your besties together for a study group because you’ll also have access to the toolkits that list fun activities to help you practice abortion storytelling, other ways to bust stigma, and more!

If you’ve been looking for ways to get involved – or wanting a good resource to point your less clued-in friends toward – THIS IS IT!


The Teachers Pets of Abortion Access Front 


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