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Subject Governor Stitt Appoints Scott Crow | The Trauma of Oklahoma Prison Guards: Bobby Cleveland
Date December 16, 2019 2:30 PM
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Governor Stitt Appoints Scott Crow | The Trauma of Oklahoma Prison Guards: Bobby Cleveland OCPAC Weekly Insights Monday Edition December 16, 2019 This Wednesday's OCPAC Meeting December 18, 2019 Noon to 1 PM In Person and... Live on Blue Moose TV & Facebook Oklahoma Department of Corrections Oklahoma's Top Correctional Executives OCPAC's mid-week luncheon will host Oklahoma's two top correctional executives. Both are responsible to bring the leading issues of Oklahoma's prison system to the Oklahoma legislature. Bobby Cleveland has transitioned from the Oklahoma House of Representatives to Executive Director of Oklahoma Correction Professionals. He seeks to make known to the public the mandatory twelve-hour days of our prison guards. You read that right! Twelve hours with no breaks. No lunch break. No rest break. Bobby's top legislative goal? Mandate a fifteen-minute break every eight hours. Imagine your work day under these conditions! Another issue. Most states provide stab vests for its guards. Not Oklahoma. And, yes. Our guards are stabbed. Some die. Funeral for Prison Guard Killed by Prisoner Twelve straight hours for six days per week under dangerous conditions... These issues represent just the tip of the iceberg in a daunting and depressing environment which requires six twelve-hour days (mandatory six twelve-hour days) a week for each of Oklahoma's 1,600 prison guards. Governor Stitt's Newest Appointment Scott Crow is our other guest this week Speaking of Scott Crow's performance as interim director of the Department of Corrections, Governor Stitt said: "Scott Crow stepped forward as a visionary and strong leader for the Department of Corrections. He successfully led the agency to accomplish major initiatives. He is strengthening morale among employees and is setting goals to modernize operations. He is the right person to receive the appointment to be the next director of ODOC.” ~Governor Kevin Stitt Hear about the DOC. Join us Wednesday in our year-end luncheon. LOCATION CHANGE We will be at Toby Keith's in Bricktown ‌ Toby Keith's Bar & Grill 310 Johnny Bench Drive, OKC, OK 73104 AMPLE PARKING: It is on the west end of the parking lot of the large parking lot extending from Bass Pro past the Marriott to Harkins Theatres.  Website here THIS WEDNESDAY NOON to 1 PM ORDER OFF THE MENU! $2 if not eating See menu here Today's Content Christ & Crime Reprint from April 1, 2019 by Bob Linn Last Week at OCPAC Marc Nuttle State, National, & International Politics OCPAC ACTION POINT Sign a Letter to Chick fil A Special Events James Robison Coming to City Elders January 2020 Other OCPAC ~ CITY ELDERS Brick Town's Toby Keith Restaurant New Book Recommendation Christ & Crime Reprint from April 1, 2019 by Bob Linn There are many references to prisons in the Word of God. Yet, nowhere in Biblical Law are prisons either described or proscribed. God’s Law allows for only temporary “custody” while awaiting trial. Biblical Law prescribed either capital punishment or restitution. If the offender was unable to make restitution, he worked on behalf of the victim until restitution was complete. As with all the Law of God, Israel eventually succumbed to the humanistic influences of the nations around them. Hence, we do find prisons mentioned in the later Biblical histories of our Hebrew forefathers. Western civilization represents an unhappy compromise between the Biblical standard of restitution and a Greco-Roman and pagan criminology. This system had some elements of restitution while leaning heavily toward punishment. Noted theologian, Rousas Rushdoony, said of the American prison system, “The prison thus had a place in Christendom, as an ugly, bastard compromise. It was not only a place of custody, but also a place for torture and punishment, a place to hold men for ransom or for elimination from a threatening position to the state." (Rousas John Rushdoony, Institutes of Biblical Law, P515) Rushdoony's Institutes are a classic and I highly recommend them for the serious Bible student and for anyone considering entering the political arena. As of this re-print, there were five left on Amazon. A Kindle version is also available. Arthur Griffiths was a British military officer, prison administrator and prolific writer. He penned more than 60 books in his lifetime. He wrote regarding the senseless elements of prison life, “…by far the most numerous class were the impecunious and the unfortunate, whom a mistaken system locked up and deprived of all means of paying their liabilities.” (Prison Discipline, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Ninth Edition, The R.S. Beale Reprint 1892 XIX P747) Also questioning the foundations of prisons systems was James Van Benschoten Bennett. Mr Bennett was a leading American penal reformer and prison administrator who served as director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons from 1937 to 1964. He was Assistant Director of the Bureau to Sanford Bates prior to this from 1930-1937. James Bennett wrote of the original purpose of American criminal law. “ … the purpose of the criminal law, to exact from the criminal a retributive suffering proportionate to the heinousness of the offense, [has given way to] the effort to combine deterrence and public protection with restoration of the offender to a more self-sustaining role in the community.” (James V. Bennett, The Sentence and Treatment of Offenders, The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Vol 339 January 1962, P 142 Crime and the American Penal System) Law based on anything other that the Law of Christ is doomed for failure. The puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony designed a society where every man was expected to know the word of God. The jury system was developed in America on the premise of a Biblical law order in which every citizen knows the law. The requirement that jury members be believers was not a church requirement but a state requirement; the law order required men knowledgeable in Biblical law. In a Christian law order, ignorance of the law is no excuse. The law book is open to all. In humanistic law, ignorance of the law is unavoidable. There are thousands of statutes. Statutes with no basis in ultimate moral law. They are passed on a regular basis. Without God’s moral absolutes, man is eventually unable to cope with evil. Rather than fight it, they compromise with it. Dr. Donald Cressey made these compromises clear. Dr. Donald R. Cressey was a professor at UC Santa Barbara. He suggested that the idea of some form of negotiation with America’s criminal element might lessen the danger that organized criminals will achieve a monopoly on democratic processes in the United States. Writing specifically regarding "Organized Crime", he said, “A little cold-blooded appeasement is not necessarily a bad thing, especially when our side is loosing.” (News from the Academy, The Recorder, Kingsburg, California, Thursday, December 18, 1969, Page 8.) By the way, Dr Cressey received his PhD from Indiana University which is both my alma mater and the place my dad did his own PhD work. Dad studied in the same department as Cressey! So much for the unholy marriage between Biblical law and pagan law. Come hear Oklaham's top two Corrections executives, express the little-known details of Oklahoma's prisons. Featured Last Week State, National, and International Politics Marc Nuttle Consultant to the Nations U. S. Senator Tom Coburn credits Marc Nuttle with helping to build the conservative movement that brought us Ronald Reagan. His presentation last week confirmed that assessment. His understanding and influence of state, national, and international governmental affairs reflect an unusual depth of thought. For those of you who missed our luncheon, consider ordering his book, Moment of Truth. The byline of this book reads: How Our Government's Addiction To Spending and Power Will Destroy Everything That Makes America Great. On behalf of OCPAC's members, thank you, Marc, for generously giving us two hours of your time to speak and answer our many questions. We are in need of Marc's leadership now more than ever! Subscribe to the Nuttle Report here. Order Marc's book here. Letter to Chick fil A Add your signature today! A couple of week's ago, the president of the American Family Association send a very kindly worded letter to the CEO of Chick fil A asking for clarification of statements made by Chick fil A leadership. The issue, of course, is their withdrawal of support of Christian organizations in order to fund, instead, leftist and LGBTQ causes. Read Tim's letter here. Adding your signature to the letter will help Chick fil A to understand that we are concerned. Your signature will encourage them to break their silence to the questions raised by AFA. Add your signature here. ‌ ‌ COMING TO CITY ELDERS James Robison Council & Confidant of the President Registration closed after December 31, 2019 Hear Vision 2020 here Tulsa, Oklahoma Thursday, January 9, 2020 6:30 PM Banquet Information & Tickets Vision 2020 A Black Tie Event Dark suit, ballroom attire, tux not a requirement The Marriott Hotel 1902 E 71st St, Tulsa, OK ‌ The OCPAC compact with City Elders is significant for both organizations. Most importantly, the partnership is significant for the future of Oklahoma. __________________ If you live in the Tulsa Area, please attend their weekly Thursday morning meetings. It will be the highlight of your week! The Doubletree Hotel at 61st & Yale in Tulsa 8 A.M. to 10 A.M. Hear the vision of City Elders here. ‌ ‌ OCPAC Mid-Week Lunch is Served NOON to 1 PM Toby Keith's Bar & Grill 310 Johnny Bench Drive, OKC, OK 73104 Website here MENU HERE ORDER OFF THE MENU ______________________________ Bring your children and grandchildren. Build foundation of Biblical thought. Train future leaders. JOIN US LIVE STATE-WIDE You now have a choice of two platforms. TRY OUR NEW CONSERVATIVE-FRIENDLY BLUE MOOSE TV FEED Re-Broadcast Daily at Noon FACEBOOK FEED IS STILL AVAILABLE... ‌ Join Us This Wednesday NOON to 1 PM Toby Keith Bar & Grill 310 Johnny Bench Drive, OKC, OK 73104 Website here MENU HERE  ‌ Increase your political savvy by ordering (and reading) Moment of Truth by Marc Nuttle. Wed December 4, 2019 OCPAC Guest Speaker Marc Nuttle Moment of Truth by Marc Nuttle Available here . Marc Nuttle helped build the conservative movement that brought us Ronald Reagan. In Moment of Truth he reminds us that power lies in our hands to create the kind of America we want to leave for our children and grandchildren. ~ U.S. Senator Tom A. Coburn ‌ Not A Daycare Still an important read Dr. Everett Piper Dr. Piper is one of God's choice men. He is leading the way in the American Church and in the American Christian University by calling for a return to epistemological bedrock. I urge those of you who have not read his book, Not A Day Care: The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth, to order a copy today. It is available very inexpensively here. SUBSCRIBE Help support OCPAC'S mission. Join OCPAC or send a contribution today!  To print donation form and mail a check, use the MAIL DONATION button below: HOW TO MAIL IN DONATION The button below will enable you to electronically join OCPAC or to make a donation through our website: DONATE THROUGH OCPAC WEBSITE OCPAC | P.O. 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