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There have already been thousands of wildfires this year in California alone.

Our state is in the midst of a severe drought, and we’re on track to continue outpacing extreme heat records for the rest of summer with little to no rain, which only increases the risk of destructive wildfires in early autumn.

In past years, peak wildfire season typically spans from May through October. But, with the climate crisis escalating at an alarming rate, that season is starting earlier and ending later each year – with some experts even suggesting that California is at the point of experiencing a year-round fire season.

We don’t have time to waste as hundreds of thousands of acres become engulfed in flames, families are forced to evacuate their homes, and structures up and down the state are destroyed – our communities need immediate relief from devastation and resources to mitigate future damages.

The climate crisis isn’t waiting, which means we can’t either.

House Democrats recently passed the Wildfire Response and Drought Resiliency Act to address this worsening crisis, and I was proud to contribute a portion of its proposals.

This legislation will deliver major investments in drought resiliency, wildfire mitigation and recovery efforts, and water conservation infrastructure. As fires and droughts increase in frequency and intensity, we must also be sure to center the already-disadvantaged communities who often bear the brunt of climate devastation.

We need to stand together in support of a sweeping investment in environmental justice. Add your name today if you agree.

We are seeing the real impacts of climate change, right now. We can’t afford more false starts and failure to follow through on climate action.

The climate crisis is the most pressing existential issue of our generation, and it’s time we start treating it like the emergency it is.

Thank you for taking action.




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