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Subject Reaching out to you from the road!
Date August 12, 2022 12:00 AM
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I'm currently on the road in Iowa after we had a great visit to Nebraska.

An America United, myself, and Congressman Don Bacon hosted a roundtable with
local police and firefighter leaders to discuss how to better support their
efforts and tackle the rising crime rates.

These men and women are extremely concerned about the sharp rise in theft,
drug-related, and violent crimes across their state and the country and I
shared their concerns.

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I have looked into the eyes of many of our officers around the country as they
describe the daily stress and trauma they experience. Despite being
understaffed and underfunded, they still work so hard to keep our streets and
communities safe.

This week, An America United released a national 4-point proposal to combat
crime and support our women and men in law enforcement. These common sense
proposals include:

* Re-funding the Police
* Holding Violent Criminals Accountable
* Combating the Opioid Crisis
* Securing our Border

We can't stand idly by and watch criminals run rampant while our brave police
officers are understaffed and unsupported.

👉 Today, I am asking for your help to support An America United in funding
the national release of this 4-point plan. $10 or anything you can give will
help deliver this across the country and persuade our elected officials to
follow our lead.

Please use our secure link to learn more and to send in your generous support:

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Thank you for stepping up to help,

Governor Larry Hogan

P.S. When you send financial support to An America United, you are helping us
fund common sense policy, smart reforms, and heavy persuasion of our local and
national leaders to find a better way forward in our country. Every dollar we
raise gets us one step closer to a brighter future:
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