John -- will you please have my back on this? I’m willing to FIGHT BACK against these latest Democrat attacks, but I need your help to do it! Can you contribute today?

Please do whatever you can! I’d appreciate it!

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From: Carl DeMaio
Subject: We've been hit!
Date: Tuesday, December 10, 2019

John -- this didn’t take long: Rep. Duncan Hunter’s resignation has not even taken effect yet, and the national Democratic Party campaign arm just launched its first attack ads against me.

Here’s why the Democrats are terrified of our campaign:

First, we’re leading in the polls to save this seat for the GOP and they’ll have to trash me big time to have a shot at winning this seat.

Second, and more importantly, they know I’m a different kind of a Republican than they are used to: I FIGHT BACK!

I must respond to the Democrats false and nasty attacks in this campaign! Any smear not responded to immediately and forcefully is seen by some voters as validation of the attack. Therefore, we must start our ads ASAP and not wait until the Holidays are over.

To do that, I need your help. Will you have my back to respond to these nasty attacks by contributing ASAP?


They want to kill our movement and by attacking me early they hope to shake up this Congressional race before the holidays. We can’t let them do that!

The Democrats' campaign arm is attacking me because they see the grassroots movement we’ve built and are freaking out. And they should be!

The Democrats know what we did with our recall efforts and the Gas Tax Repeal rebellion. They do NOT want me to get a Congressional seat to give me more resources and stature to expand our movement.

Help me fight back to these nasty attacks by contributing today!


Carl DeMaio

PS: Forward this email on to your friends. Tell them that I need their help to fight back against the national Democratic Party’s smear machine of lies and tricks. Ask them to contribute as little as $5 to our effort today at this secure link