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Subject this is a HUGE win
Date August 6, 2022 1:33 AM
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Democrats just secured a HUGE win, John — in Kansas, of all places!

“Kansas voters defeat abortion amendment in unexpected landslide ” — Kansas Reflector

Kansas voters showed up in huge numbers to close the door on extreme abortion bans in their ruby red state. And in November, we're going to slam the door shut on the GOP's plan for a nationwide abortion ban by defending our Democratic House Majority.

Will you rush an 8X matched donation now to help us elect pro-choice Democrats and put an end to the Republican plot to steal our reproductive rights?

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We need to be honest with you: Winning in November won't be easy. Right now, we only control the House by just five votes, which means we can't afford to lose a single competitive race. But many of the Democrats we're defending won their previous elections by razor-thin margins:

Abigail Spanberger (1.82% margin of win),
Lauren Underwood (1.34% margin of win),
Cindy Axne (1.39% margin of win),
Tom Malinowski (1.22% margin of win)


Here's the good news: The vote in Kansas proves that, by reminding voters that abortion rights are on the line this November, we can motivate pro-choice voters in every corner of the country to turn out in huge numbers. The only question is whether we'll have sufficient resources to communicate with voters in every competitive district.

We already know that the Republicans will have the resources to get their message out. They've raised nearly $350,000,000 , and they've already started spending it in swing districts. To make matters worse, they have plans to come after as many as SEVENTY of our vulnerable Democrats!

Now, we need to see a MASSIVE SURGE in grassroots donations TODAY to make sure we have the funds to protect all of our Democrats against the GOP's attacks and to remind voters that Republicans are anti-abortion extremists who can't be trusted with power. We're counting on you, John: Will you pitch in with an 800% MATCHED contribution?

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Thank you for being a committed supporter of House Majority PAC. We're working every day to protect our Democratic Majority.

Because President Obama said it best:

"You need to vote because our Democracy depends on it."

Donate $5 to Protect Our House Majority >> [link removed]

President Obama is right, John. We can't sit back and let Republicans ruin our democracy.

That's why we send you so many emails. We rely on grassroots supporters like you to fuel our efforts to take Republicans down. Our average online donation is $18.09. And we put every cent to good use to make sure our Democratic Majority has the resources they need to win.

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From everyone here at team House Majority PAC, we're so grateful for your support!

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