Calling all volunteers! Tomorrow is our Volunteer Kick-Off, where we will all meet and learn the basics of how to build the momentum in our communities to retire Don Beyer in November.

I am proud to be part of a campaign that is grassroots, pulling members of our community who are excited and passionate about bringing common sense back to Congress. It starts with all of us, and the Karina for Congress team is very thankful for your support!

Details and logistics below! Hope to see you there!

Where: 225 South Henry Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

When: 9am - 10am

Why: To learn how to volunteer and to pick up Karina for Congress merch including signs, t-shirts, and more). Donuts and coffee will be provided!

For more info or any questions, email [email protected]!



Director of Volunteer Operations, Team Karina for Congress