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Subject Kansas votes to PROTECT abortion rights!!
Date August 6, 2022 12:31 AM
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The fight to keep women's reproductive rights where they belong , in the hands of the women and families they most effect, just got a BIG boost when Kansas voters resoundingly defeated a measure to remove the right to abortion from the state constitution.
And, Jack, the margin wasn't even close.
In deeply Republican Kansas, a state Trump carried by 15 points, voters chose abortion protection by nearly 160,000 votes!
Defend abortion rights and elect Democrats around the country >> [[link removed]]
Kansas' vote was the first statewide referendum on abortion since the Supreme Court dismantled Federal protections for the procedure in June, and it shows unequivocally that Republican state legislatures in places like Texas, Missouri, and Idaho have far overreached the will of their own voters.
Americans across the country overwhelmingly favor the right to choose , and the Kansas result proves that grassroots efforts to protect abortion do work!!
But Republican legislatures aren't going to give up on an issue so important to their extremist base. They're already doubling down on efforts to keep similar referendums off the ballots in other Republicans states.
That's why if we're going to WIN the long game of keeping American free to CHOOSE, we need to mobilize every last Democrat around the country to VOTE. Can we count on you to help? Chip in $5, $10, $20 or whatever you can to help Democrats win! [[link removed]]
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