From Mark Harrison <[email protected]>
Subject MY son almost died (this tools saved his and my life that day)
Date August 6, 2022 12:11 AM
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Firearms. Ammo. Tactical and More.

I never thought I would have to use this.

You see my son and I were driving.

Down an old rural road.

We had driven down this road over 100 times, I tell ya.

This time, golly, you won’t believe it…

This time was different.

I’m almost embarrassed to tell you.

We were rolling along when suddenly…

We heard the LOUDEST sound coming from the passenger door.


“What happened Jimmy Boy?!” I hollered.

“I have no idea, Dad.”

Then this is when it got real scary.

The truck started skidding off the road toward an embankment.

I knew what was at the end of the grassy embankment…


He was losing control over the truck, and I knew we’d be submerged in less than 6 minutes.

So I grabbed the most life-saving tool [[link removed]]I have ever bought.

Smashed the window…

Cut my seatbelt.

Cut my son’s seatbelt.

And right as the truck landed in the water.

We jumped out of the broken window.

And landed on the slope of the embankment.

We watched his truck gurgle away down to the bottom of the canal…

“That could’ve been us going down,” Jimmy Boy said.

“My god!” I thought to myself.

You see,

The thing was… He didn’t hit anything…

SomeTHING hit us!

Some jacka$$ driving along had a bad tire.

His tired popped off and hit our truck,

Causing it to lose control and veer off the road.

If it wasn’t for my tool though.

Damn, we could have been trapped in the truck.

We can replace the vehicle, but I’ll be damned because you can;t replace your child.

Don’t let yourself sink.

Take control of the situation, and do yourself a favor.

Get one of these… [[link removed]]

Also, remember to check your tires.

God Bless,

Mark Harrison

Firearms. Ammo. Tactical and More.

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