Dear John,

A special interest group spent $93,015.80 on a mailer for my opponent more than four months before the election. To put this in perspective, even very well-funded independent expenditures usually don't spend money until one or two months out from election day. So we have to ask: Why is this special interest group spending so much money, so early? Why is the Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk race a top spending priority for this special interest?

Like you, I have more questions than answers and can only speak to my own record of uncovering the 101 Ash Street scandal and my plans to disrupt the status quo for this office that is clearly in trouble.

  • In May, the former Chief Deputy for Information Systems pleaded guilty to unlawfully recommending that his wife’s company be hired to work on county projects. He will be sentenced in August. I am committed to ensuring all government contracts are legally vetted and that massive ethical oversights like this do not continue.

  • The Assessor is entrusted to appraise all properties at their fair value under the law. I support new technology and streamlined processes to ensure that everyone, including big corporations, pays their fair share.

  • I am honest about the limitations of what I can and cannot do in this position. My opponent says that he will protect Proposition 13. Only the voters can change Proposition 13. I will enforce the law.

This is going to be a very competitive race. The good news is that our polling showed that when we get our message out, we have more momentum. But I know this special interest mailer is just the first in an avalanche of spending for my opponent.

Please contribute what you can to help us communicate with the county’s two million voters and support our campaign to restore ethics and to make sure that all contracts are awarded legally.


[email protected]
(858) 248-9465


Paid for by Barbara Bry for County Assessor 2022. FPPC ID 1441650