From Firearms Policy Coalition <[email protected]>
Date July 29, 2022 11:05 AM
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We're so mad we could punch in our monitors right now thanks to the TOTAL HORSESHIT that gasbag Nancy Pelosi just pulled.

Thanks to Pelosi's treachery, we are now likely just TWO HOURS away from a House floor vote on the "assault weapons" ban.

In case you missed the news last night, Democrats used a dirty trick to convene an "emergency" meeting of the House Rules Committee.

These dishonest assholes waited until the Congressional baseball game to pull a "GOTCHA!" and tee up a vote to take your guns.


And so now we're facing the first vote on a federal "assault weapons" ban in 30 YEARS! That's why we need you IMMEDIATELY.

Write your Representative THIS INSTANT <[link removed]> while there's still time before the vote and make sure they vote NO on HR 1808.

Then make your most generous donation of $100, $50, $25 or ANY AMOUNT <[link removed]> to protect your guns from Pelosi!?

If you donate to our Stop HR 1808 Fund today, you will automatically be entered to WIN a Century Arms PSL 54 Marksman Rifle!?

<[link removed]>

If Pelosi is calling a vote on this legislation, it means she's confident she has the votes to pass HR 1808.

And unless you take IMMEDIATE ACTION, we could be looking at the worst expansion of gun control in many people's LIFETIME.

If HR 1808 reaches Pres. Biden's desk:

- ARs will be BANNED

- AKs will be BANNED

- Many semiauto handguns will be BANNED

- Many semiauto shotguns will be BANNED

- AR Pistols will be BANNED

- Any firearm with a threaded barrel will be BANNED


But that's not even the full story, because the tyrants may be planning to send up a revised HR 1808 with amendments.

That's right, Pelosi could once again ask Congress to pass a bill they haven't even read in order to take your guns.

Hell, this legislation could be amended to BAN ALL GUNS and most of these idiot members wouldn't even know.

But that won't stop them from running a literal train on your 2A rights to appease the worthless "do something" loser crowd.

GIVE $100 TO STOP HR 1808! <[link removed]>

GIVE $50 TO STOP HR 1808! <[link removed]>

GIVE $25 TO STOP HR 1808! <[link removed]>

GIVE $10 TO STOP HR 1808! <[link removed]>

This is our most urgent hour, and we need every able-bodied gun owner to double down on this fight ASAP.

Indeed, the choice is clear: take action and donate right now or let Nancy Pelosi TAKE YOUR GUNS!? <[link removed]>

So ACT NOW to tell Pelosi "FUCK YOU, NO!" and "STACK UP OR FUCK OFF"!

Stay Free,

Firearms Policy Coalition


Firearms Policy Coalition - 1215 K Street 17th Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814, United States

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