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Subject The Democratic Dispatch: To Infinity and Beyond ☄️
Date July 21, 2022 12:15 AM
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How Colorado Helped Build the
James Webb Telescope
With the release of the first images from the new James Webb telescope humans saw further into space than ever before -- but did you know Coloradans had a huge role to play in this event?
Colorado's own Ball Aerospace [[link removed]] had engineers help build this incredible new telescope, along with a other local aerospace companies. Colorado's natural landscape and proximity to the sun make it a prime location for the aerospace industry. This includes four military commands, famous research centers, universities, and over 400 companies making Colorado the nation's second-largest aerospace economy.
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How Dems Are Protecting Abortion
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Sponsored by Representative Meg Froelich, D-Englewood, House Majority Leader Daneya Esgar, D-Pueblo, and Senator Julie Gonzales, D-Denver, the Reproductive Health Equity Act updates Colorado’s laws to protect reproductive rights and establish a fundamental right to choose to continue a pregnancy and give birth, or to have an abortion.
At least 519 laws to restrict abortion care have been introduced in 41 states so far this year according to the National Women’s Law Center [[link removed]] .
Colorado remains committed to ensuring abortion remains safe, legal, and accessible. Recently, House Democrats defeated three Republican-led bills [[link removed]] that would have jeopardized that right, including:
HB22-1079 [[link removed]] , which would have placed an unconstitutional ban on abortion in Colorado with no exceptions. The bill explicitly directed Colorado to disregard federal law and federal court rulings and would subject Colorado judges who support access to abortion to impeachment. In addition, it would have allowed a private right of action against abortion providers, and potentially patients too.
HB22-1047 [[link removed]] , which would have banned abortion in Colorado with no exceptions. The bill would have also criminalized miscarriages and would have subjected abortion providers to imprisonment.
HB22-1075 [[link removed]] , which would have established a registry to track and surveil abortion patients and providers. It also would have created a roadmap for abortion opponents to identify and further threaten abortion patients and providers.
In addition, Gov. Polis signed an Executive Order to ensure that no Coloradan is subject to penalization for the possession, cultivation, or use of marijuana as this substance is legal in Colorado as a result of Amendment 64.
“The exclusion of people from the workforce because of marijuana-related activities that are lawful in Colorado, but still criminally penalized in other states, hinders our residents, economy and our State. No one who lawfully consumes, possesses, cultivates or processes marijuana pursuant to Colorado law should be subject to professional sanctions or denied a professional license in Colorado. This includes individuals who consume, possess, cultivate or process marijuana in another state in a manner that would be legal under Colorado law,” said Gov. Polis.
Help Abortion Funds in Colorado [[link removed]]
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State Treasurer Dave Young
[[link removed]] Dave is a native Coloradan who never thought that he would run for public office. He started his career as an educator, teaching math, science, and technology at Heath Junior High in Greeley for 24 years. He then went on to teach at CU Denver for another decade, and worked in the private tech sector for about 4 years.
Help re-elect Dave! [[link removed]] While Dave loved being an educator, he became interested in running for public office because of the challenges his sister faces as a person with disabilities. He knew he couldn’t stand idly by as his sister and others like her continued to struggle accessing essential services. In 2011, he decided to run for office.
Learn More About Dave Here [[link removed]] That year, Dave was elected to the Colorado House of Representatives. He served on House Public Health Care and Human Services, Education, Health, Insurance and Environment, Transportation, and Appropriations committees where he worked across party lines to pass influential legislation.
In 2014, Dave was appointed to the powerful Joint Budget Committee (JBC). For four years, he worked with a split party JBC to develop a balanced budget for the State of Colorado. In 2018, Dave ran for State Treasurer and won.
Dave was sworn in as State Treasurer in 2019 where he was tasked with managing state funds in one of the most challenging and unprecedented times in Colorado’s history — the COVID-19 pandemic.
Dave worked with Governor Polis and the state legislature to ensure that Colorado’s small businesses could remain open during the apex of the pandemic. He played a pivotal role in establishing the CLIMBER small business loan program. CLIMBER allocates $250 million to Colorado’s small businesses at below-market interest rates. He continues to work closely with Governor Polis and the state legislature to ensure that the hardworking people of Colorado have the resources they need to build back better.
Dave is married to State Representative Mary Young, Ph.D. Mary has been a special education teacher, a special education coordinator, and a school psychologist. Dave’s sister lives in Pueblo.
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CD8 Congressional Candidate: Dr. Yadira Caraveo
For Yadira Caraveo, becoming a pediatrician, an accomplished legislator, and a successful advocate for children all started with a dream: her parents’ dream. [[link removed]]
Yadira’s parents came to Colorado from a small town in Mexico, looking for a better life. They didn’t have much education or much money, but they knew that hard work and caring for others are the values that build strong communities and family. They raised their four children with those values — on a construction worker’s pay in the Adams County home they still live in — doing whatever it took to put them on a path to success. All four were able to go to college and graduate in the span of a single generation, an incredible testament to the American Dream. Help Us Keep the US House [[link removed]]
Yadira had big dreams for herself as well, knowing from an early age she wanted to help people as a doctor. She attended public schools in Adams County, received a degree from Regis University, and continued on to medical school at the University of Colorado. Learn More About Yadira Here [[link removed]]
Even before she finished her medical training, advocacy for others became an important part of Yadira’s life. She helped organize her fellow medical residents for better working conditions, becoming a union representative with SEIU. And she was named a Champion of Change by President Obama for her work with the Union of Concerned Scientists enlisting doctors across the country in the fight against climate change.
Yadira chose to be a pediatrician in Adams County, but with 65% of her patients’ families on Medicaid, she quickly understood that truly helping children required a lot more than what she was able to do as a doctor. Too many families she saw were falling through the cracks, struggling with job opportunities, health care costs, child care, and paying rent.
Worse, when it came to addressing these problems, Yadira saw a lot of talk out of the state legislature — but few results for those who needed them most. Determined to break through the rhetoric and replace it with action, Yadira became a state legislator and quickly gained a reputation for taking on tough fights and working with anyone to get things done.
In only one and a half terms, Yadira’s success has been remarkable, especially in such a short time: Yadira worked to pass historic legislation to force drug companies to lower the cost of prescriptions, drastically limit the toxic pollution that is endangering our kids’ health and our planet, expand funding for preschool, ensure all Coloradans have access to paid family and sick leave, and protect renters from eviction during the pandemic.
Looking at Washington, Yadira feels the same sense of frustration — of all talk and little action — that drove her to run for state office. And it’s why she’s now running for Congress.
In Congress, Yadira will continue her commitment to the families she sees every day in Colorado, building on her work to lower health care costs, address the high cost of housing, combat climate change, protect a woman’s right to choose, and stop Republicans from taking away Americans’ right to vote.
Because Yadira understands how the health care system works from the inside, she’ll bring a unique perspective to health care reform, and the fight to lower drug and insurance costs and expand access to quality care.
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Final January 6th Committee Hearing Tomorrow Night
The final scheduled public hearing for the Jan 6th committee is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday 7/21 for primetime starting at 8 PM ET/ 6 PM MT.
This final hearing will focus on what Trump did or didn't do while rioters invaded the capitol.
The hearing will air on all major cable networks. You can also watch for free on YouTube on the following channels:
Jan 6th Committee Channel [[link removed]]
Washington Post Youtube Channel [[link removed]]
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Please feel free to download and share these graphics as well! You can download them here.
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What's Happening Around the State
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Hello Colorado Democrats!
The Morgan County Democrats would like to announce they have elected a new chair, Jarrod Munger, at their Vacancy Committee held on Tuesday, July 12th in Fort Morgan. Jarrod takes over for April Bowen. April and Jarrod have been working together since he moved to Fort Morgan in February 2022 and he was elected to the Secretary vacancy at our April 2022 Central Committee meeting. Her mentorship is one of the reasons why he decided to run for the vacancy.
Jarrod works remotely in IT Security and Compliance during the day and also sells farm fresh eggs from his chicken farm. He recently moved to Fort Morgan where he and his partner, Kirk, are currently looking for a small farm to continue their hobby poultry farm. As many of you know, Jarrod has been working with the Democratic Party since 2017 when he was first appointed to House District 8A finance chair in Denver. Since then, he has held positions as Precinct 801 Organizer in House District 8, House District 8B finance chair, Denver County Democrats Secretary and Vice Chair, Congressional District 1 Second Vice Chair, and is currently the Chair of the Stonewall Democrats of Colorado and Assistant Secretary for the Colorado Democratic Party.
We are excited to have the energy and depth of knowledge that Jarrod brings to Morgan County.
Please congratulate him on Facebook! - [[link removed]]
Morgan County Democrats - [email protected] [[email protected]]
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Join Us THIS WEEKEND! In San Luis and Walsenberg for picnics and fun!
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This is your chance to learn how to become involved as a Poll Watchers, Election Judges/Workers, Precinct Organizers, County Officers, District Officers, Initiative Officers, State Party Officers from a LGBTQIA+ panel of experts!
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Join us for our 2022 Democracy Tour this summer! See when the Party will be in your Colorado community. We look forward this summer!
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Join Our Big Tent Team!
Now more than ever we need your help to fight the extreme Republican candidates running for office this mid-term. With your help we can keep Colorado Blue in 2022 and keep our majorites here at home and in Washington.
Please join our Big Tent Big 10 Donors by giving just $10 a month you can help us fund our Win Plan.
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