From Themis Klarides <[email protected]>
Subject 🚨 We're THREE Weeks Away! 🚨
Date July 20, 2022 2:11 PM
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Three Weeks Away from the Primary Election | August 9th, 2022 ( [link removed] )

John -

The Primary Election is officially *THREE WEEKS AWAY!*

There's a lot at stake in this election, as you know. Last month, *inflation hit a 40-year HIGH of 9.1%* , driving prices even higher than they were in May.

Unlike out-of-touch politicians like Dick Blumenthal whose only solution is to throw billions of our dollars away, *I actually understand how this affects us* ( [link removed] ). Growing up in a grocery store, I know that when grocery prices rise, working families are hit the hardest.

*Check out my new campaign ad below to see my plan and share it with your friends and family to spread the message!*

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We're the *2nd highest-taxed state in the entire country* , and there's no end in sight to Blumenthal and Biden's inflationary, reckless spending habits. We need a Republican who can WIN this election in November and get Connecticut back on the right track.

*I need your help to cross the finish line in my upcoming Republican primary. Can I count on your support?* ( [link removed] )

Help Us Cross the Finish Line - Donate Now! ( [link removed] )

*Anything you can offer will go a long way. A donation of $25, $50, $100, $250 or $500 will help me bring the same grit I had as House Minority Leader in Hartford to Washington.* ( [link removed] )

*Thank you for your continued support.*


Themis Klarides

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