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Hey john!

OK, we can’t stop laughing about the Incel Pride Parade but still got a lot of shit done! Let’s break it down! 


We’re two weeks into the Roepocalypse and surprise, surprise, the conservative sun-dried turds burning down America are STILL being evil as balls, trying to hijack our uteri. 

How many total abortion bans went into effect this week? 

What’s happening to abortion clinics and funds? 

Who the fuck is trying to force 10 year old rape victims to be moms??? 

And is there ANY good news surfacing amongst this chaotic shitshow? (Spoiler alert: there’s some bright spots!) 

Your favorite Buzzkills are here to pour y’all some piping hot bodily autonomy tea and deliver ALL the answers and updates on this week’s latest anti-abortion BS from the invasive misogynistic species trying to get all up in your junk. 


Helping us bulldoze through this week’s bullshit are two special, iconic, womb warrior guests!


First, we’ve got THE Beyoncé of Abortion Storytelling and founder and executive director of We Testify, Renee Bracey Sherman, here to blab with us about two of our favorite things: abortion and shitting on the Dems and Biden! She’s dropping her knowledge on who the actual leaders of the abortion rights movement are (hint, it’s people who have had abortions), the power of storytelling, how language around abortion needs to change (“camping,” we’re looking at you), and the dope origins of We Testify and what they’re doing for folks who have abortions. 


PLUS! The hilarious, whacktose intolerant comedian and co-host of Betches Sup Podcast, Milly Tamarez, is in the house! How has she been coping with all the shit that stays spewing out of America’s misogynistic henchmen’s mouths? By trolling and bullying these lame clowns, DUH! 


Listen to us talk shit about Eric Adams and chat up about our most recent hobbies, period-piece binges, urban planning, and more!

The world is heavy right now, but as always, WE GOT YOU. 


Lizz, Moji & Marie


OPERATION SAVE ABORTION:  Want to get MORE Renee in your life? You do, trust us and you are in luck because she is doing TWO panels on July 17th’s Operation Save Abortion

Look at this line up joining Renee!!


Operation Save Abortion starts streaming at 11am ET on Sunday, July 17th - so make sure you sign up TODAY and get ready to protect abortion access everywhere!


HOT NEW CLINIC ALERT: Our dear friends and abortion heroes over at Whole Woman’s Health are moving their Texas clinics to New Mexico in response to Texas’ cruel total abortion ban. In New Mexico, they’ll be able to legally service people from Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona and elsewhere in the South where safe, legal abortion care is restricted. Help them HERE!


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