From Daniel Hernandez (personal) <[email protected]>
Subject I’m disgusted...
Date July 7, 2022 11:40 PM
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Friend, I’m beyond disgusted…

AG says 1864 Arizona law banning abortion now law of the land (
[link removed]

Arizona Republicans wasted no time after the Supreme Court’s Roe
v. Wade decision – they immediately and ruthlessly went to the
most extreme anti-abortion option possible – it makes me sick to
my stomach.

As a former Planned Parenthood staffer, I’m infuriated that
Arizona Republicans are criminalizing reproductive freedoms and
women’s rights. It’s disgusting and dangerous, and I’m working
around the clock to stop it.

I’m doubling down on my commitment to keep Arizona blue, stand up
for reproductive rights, and to protect marginalized people from
GOP attacks – will you join me in that fight by chipping in $3
[link removed]

[link removed]

I'm sure you agree with me: Enough is enough.

I’m running for Congress to make sure bigoted, regressive bills
like these become shameful relics of the past. But I need your
help to fight back.

The margins in this race could not be closer – Biden won this
district by just .1% in 2020! That means that we need a
grassroots army with us NOW to stop another anti-abortion Trump
replica from taking over AZ-06.

I’m humbly asking you to join our fight for equality and progress
by chipping in $3
now. We need to hit our daily fundraising goal of $1,500 to keep
campaign operations viable – please, will you step up to keep us
in this fight? » (
[link removed]

If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express,
your donation will go through immediately:

( [link removed] )

( [link removed] )

Or a custom donation »
( [link removed] )

Thank you for being in this critical fight.

Daniel Hernandez

Democratic Candidate for Congress, AZ-06

Paid for by Daniel Hernandez For Congress

P.O. Box 40476, Tucson, AZ 85717

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