White supremacists who break up families don’t belong in the White House
Families Belong Together

John -- Trump's chief immigration advisor Stephen Miller sent hundreds of emails spewing white supremicist hatred.

You can draw a straight line from the vile ideology revealed in Miller's emails to the cruelty of Trump's immigration policies like family separation.

It is unacceptable for someone who works in the White House, an employee of the American people, to keep his job given his long history of racist contempt for families of color. Add your name if you agree STEPHEN MILLER SHOULD BE FIRED!


Fleeing the country with your family. Walking hundreds of miles. Surviving heat and cold. It's an act of desperation, fierce parental determination, and hope.

But instead of understanding that those who seek a better life for their children are acting out of love, the recently published emails by the Southern Poverty Law Center reveal Miller's hatred of immigrants. In addition to spewing white nationalist conspiracies, he even recommended a racist 1970's-era novel where immigrants are depicted as "turd-eating" animals.

Stephen Miller

It's unacceptable that somebody who dehumanizes immigrants is in charge of immigrant policy -- and that's why Stephen Miller must go.

More than 100 members of Congress, dozens of civil rights activists, faith-based organizations, and more are demanding Miller be fired. Add your voice to this deafening outcry to demonstrate that Miller's hatred has no place in the White House.

Together, we're building the movement to end family separation and detention and demand better for thousands of refugee families. Join us.


Thanks for all you do,

Jess Morales Rocketto
Families Belong Together Chairwoman

[1] Emails Detail Miller's Ties to Group that Touted White Nationalist Writers, Southern Policy Law Center


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