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How are you doing, john?

We are one week into the Roepocalypse and even more pissed. A whole lot of bullshit has been spewing out from almost half of the states this week and your Buzzkills are breaking it all down for you. How many clinics are closed? Which state bans are being challenged and reopened? Who is actually showing up as an ally? We cover all of it in this episode, plus we even have some unexpected bright spots for you! 

Here to help us get through the BS are two Roe-rriors who are kicking these patriarchal dickpuffins’ asses on the daily! First we’ve got Mike Bonanza, the executive director of Elevated Access AKA the dope non-profit made up of hundreds of volunteer pilots working with organizations like Midwest Coalition Access to fly out folks who need abortion access for FREE! Is this real life? YUP, and Mike is here to explain it all to us. 

PLUS! The hilarious, amazing, and talented abortion-evangelist Busy Philipps is in the house with part two of our interview! She dropped in to talk all things abortion, how the entertainment industry needs to step their shit up for abortion representation, and so much more. She got so real with us, that we broke her interview into TWO PARTS, baby! Catch part one in last week’s episode.

The world is heavy right now and in between all the raging and fighting against the patriarchy, show yourself some extra love. You are not alone. We got you!


Lizz, Moji & Marie


ROLL CALL: Don’t forget to sign up for Operation Save Abortion. It’s not a march, it’s your training day.

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‘Cause you know us: when BS is poppin’, we pop off!


NYC ACTIVISM ALERT: NYC for Abortion Rights is leading a counterprotest tomorrow (7/2) at 8AM at the Basilica of Old St. Patrick’s (Mott & Prince). More details HERE!

P.S. Even though these are dark days, we will NEVER give up. We're here organizing, educating and training the next wave of abortion activists, while supporting our abortion provider heroes across the country. Please chip in if you can!


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