Dear John,


Between SCOTUS rolling back abortion rights and Texas' Republican leadership failing to be responsive to our needs or meet the challenges of the day, it’s natural to become disenchanted or cynical with politics.


To be honest with you, I’m pissed. But I’m also hopeful. And I'm ready to keep fighting back against the extremists and entrenched status quo who stand in the way of progress.


On the eve of a major fundraiser deadline, I’m asking for your help. Will you chip in what you can to help us fight back and show the strength of our campaign?

If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

Let’s send the extremists a message that we won’t back down in the face of oppression and that we are ready for a fight.


What happens next is up to us. I hope you’ll join me in this fight to get our state back and our country back on track. We can make a difference together. 


All the best,



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John Bucy Campaign

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