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Staughton Lynd and Daniel Gross
The New York Times has reported on the book’s importance in recent and ongoing labor organizing in the tech industry—for example among employees of Google, Kickstarter, and Uber, whose union campaigns were influenced by ideas gleaned from Labor Law for the Rank and Filer. Meredith Whittaker, a former Google research scientist who was one of the organizers of the 2018 Google employee walkout, said that the book has been “incredibly helpful in thinking through options for action, ways of building collective power, and giving workers who often aren’t familiar with labor law some working knowledge that can guide decision making.” 
Paperback sale price: $6.00
Alex Ogg
The book uses dozens of first-hand interviews, photos, and original artwork to offer a new perspective on a group who would become mired in controversy almost from the get-go. It applauds the band’s key role in transforming punk rhetoric, both polemical and musical, into something genuinely threatening—and enormously funny. The author offers context in terms of both the global and local trajectory of punk and, while not flinching from the wildly differing takes individual band members have on the evolution of the band, attempts to be celebratory—if not uncritical.

Paperback sale price: $8.98
Editor: Dani Burlison
This book covers topics of justice, creativity, racism, transgender perspectives, sexuality, sex work, addiction, reproductive rights, assault, relationship dynamics, families, radical self-care, witchcraft, and more.

"An incredible array of voices gather together in this tightly-packed, raucous anthology. If ever you felt the need to focus feelings of deep anger, All of Me serves as an almost step-by-step manual of rage."
—Inga Muscio, author of Cunt: A Declaration of Independence and Rose: Love in Violent Times

Paperback sale price: $9.98
Nicky Garratt
Mango & Mint is a collection of favorite vegan dishes inspired by the foods of Arabia, India, and North Africa. It follows the philosophy of a cuisine free of meat rather than one that emulates it.

Paperback sale price: $8.98
Editor: Adrian Shanker
Bodies and Barriers illuminates the ubiquitous health challenges LGBT people experience throughout their lives and challenges the conventional wisdom about health care delivery.

Paperback sale price: $10.00
Editor: Iain McIntyre
“A wonderful and definitive collection of hobo prose, poetry, and song. Iain McIntyre has painstakingly collected a rich array of hobo writing that together speaks to the rich and varied lives these itinerant travellers inhabited along the iron highway.”
—John Lennon, author of Boxcar Politics: The Hobo in U.S. Culture and Literature, 1869–1956
Paperback sale price: $13.98
Francisco Ferrer • Editors: Mark Bray and Robert H. Haworth
This is the first historical reader to gather together Ferrer’s writings and put them into conversation with the works of his contemporaries.

Paperback sale price: $12.48
Jacinta Bunnell

This is the perfect book for the gender creative person in your life. The future is gender fabulous.

Paperback sale price: $5.50
Editors: Ann VanderMeer and Jeff VanderMeer

This curated selection of feminist speculative fiction seeks to expand the conversation about feminism while engaging the reader in a wealth of imaginative ideas.
Paperback sale price: $7.98
Editor: Sasha Lilley

A series of incisive conversations with some of the most eminent thinkers and political economists on the Left--including David Harvey, Ellen Meiksins Wood, Mike Davis, Leo Panitch, Noam Chomsky, and Tariq Ali.
Paperback sale price: $10.00
ASARO, Mike Graham de La Rosa, and Suzanne M. Schadl
Presenting, in full color, the work of ASARO covering global themes of corporate greed, genetically modified organisms, violence against women, and abuses of natural resources.

Paperback sale price: $9.98
The Rondos

An amazing boxed set box with two CDs and four books, which together tell the story of the Rondos from the period 1978–1980

Paperback sale price: $24.48

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