From Morgan Carroll <[email protected]>
Subject We Will Fight For Our Constitutional Rights
Date June 24, 2022 8:52 PM
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It's time to take action and hold
Republicans accountable
While we were prepared for today's decision in theory, when it finally became true it still took our breath away. The weight of this ruling feels heavy and sad, and while we may need a moment we must not give in to sadness and fear.
We must continue to fight for our rights and for our democracy.
The overturning of Roe v Wade is sadly just the beginning. This ultra-conservative Supreme Court is releasing decision after decision that pushes our country further Right and away from the majority of its people.
“Voters are getting just a taste of what Republicans do when they have the opportunity to wield power. They’ve burst the door wide open to a dangerous future in America where women will no longer have the power to make their own choice to get an abortion. Women and health care professionals can now be arrested, interrogated, prosecuted, and imprisoned in our country, and we need to be clear that people will die as a result of this decision.
“Republican control of the U.S. Senate will mean more justices who will curb personal freedoms, and we must do everything we can here in Colorado to ensure that we continue to elect pro-choice Democrats at every level.
“We are more determined than ever to make sure Colorado stays a refuge for legal and safe abortion access in the West.” – Morgan Carroll, Colorado Democratic Party Chair
Take Action
If you are looking for ways to participate, channel your anger, and mobilize here are ways you can help out:
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