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Ok. Now that's off our chest. 

How are YOU doing John?

Grieving? Pissed? Shockingly numb? Somehow all of the above??


The Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade AND Casey, decimating the right to abortion in these United States.

With this ruling, the Supreme Court is allowing Mississippi to enforce its harmful 15-week ban on abortion and is opening the door for state legislatures eager to further restrict and ban abortion AND MORE. This decision is an unconscionable rollback of fundamental rights for all people in the U.S. 

We’re working on what’s next for abortion access. Because we have to. We have to move forward. It’s up to all of us to band together for abortion access. The government has let us down and it’s all about community taking care of each other now. If you’re trying to figure out how to plug into the abortion activism movement then sign up for Operation Save Abortion. This will be an all-day orientation to the work live streamed across the country on Sunday, July 17th. In the meantime, here are just a few of the organizations you need to be aware of and supporting:


There is a role for everyone in this fight and we want to help you find it. We need everyone reading this to make a long-term commitment to helping their community get abortion care. Marches and rallies are great, but they are one step in a whole-ass marathon. Sign up for Operation Save Abortion today to figure out where you fit in.


Yours in action,

Lizz and the AbortionAF Team


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