From Naomi Smith, CEO - Best for Britain <[email protected]>
Subject NEWSFLASH - By-Election Losses
Date June 24, 2022 9:03 AM
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Dear John

Boris Johnson loses two by-elections

Tactical voting crucial in gaining a seat for Labour and a seat for the Lib Dems

Labour's leader Keir Starmer and the Lib Dem's leader Ed Davey listened to our calls for them to work together to defeat this government - they made it clear to voters they would use their party's resources to campaign in only one of the two by-elections each.

And it worked. In Wakefield, Labour won back a 'red wall' constituency and In Tiverton & Honiton the Lib Dems overturned a 24,000 Conservative majority to win comfortably.

Proof that when they co-operate, the rewards for the opposition parties can be big. Voters sent a clear message to Boris Johnson by voting tactically. Tory Party Chairman, Oliver Dowden, has already resigned, pointedly saying "Somebody must take responsibility".

Now we have a chance to seize the momentum and make this happen all over the country.

Whether Johnson survives this as PM or not, this government will still need to be defeated at the next election. Because with our strained services, an economy in tatters and one in five living in poverty, Britons cannot afford to wait for another 5 years. This government must lose the next election - not the one after.

<[link removed]>Donate to the Better Democracy Fund <[link removed]>

The Better Democracy Fund has so far raised over £46,000 <[link removed]> - but for us to campaign for parties to work together we need to raise £200,000. Will you help us? Everything raised by the Fund goes towards bringing progressive parties together, fighting undemocratic changes to our elections, and to campaigning for a change in our voting system to make all votes count.

With a General Election looming, Labour and the Lib Dems mustn't rest on their laurels. A General Election is a bigger and harder prospect than two by-elections and the work needed to prepare ourselves, and the opposition parties, for the challenge must begin today.

Our polling shows that if Labour, Lib Dems and Greens work together in a relatively small number of constituencies, perhaps fewer than 100 seats, they can defeat this government. Let’s get them to take this seriously.

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You might notice I haven't mentioned the SNP in Scotland or Plaid Cymru in Wales. Our polling also shows that these crucial target seats where working together will make the biggest difference are in England, so our focus is on the parties that operate there.

Thank you for being part of the campaign. Your support will help change the direction our country is heading. The UK can't wait another 5 years to remove this government.

Thank you for your support.

Best wishes,

Naomi Smith

CEO, Best for Britain

PS. We will work to bring the parties together, but if they simply refuse to budge we will use the Better Democracy Fund to build a massive (and I mean MASSIVE) tactical voting campaign at the election. One way or another, your support will make a difference. Donate here. <[link removed]>


Best For Britain - United Kingdom

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