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Subject Summer Break? Not Around Here!
Date June 23, 2022 2:31 PM
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June 23, 2022

I hope you?ve had an excellent start to your summer season! If you haven?t already, take this time to slow down and enjoy making memories with family and friends. As you do, know my office will continue to work hard at the things we love: returning unclaimed money to Iowans through the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt, fighting for individuals with disabilities to achieve financial freedom through IAble and helping families save for the growing costs of education with College Savings Iowa.

In this newsletter, you?ll find information on all these topics and more. So, before you dig in to the sweet corn this summer, be sure to dig in to the articles below. Thanks for following along!

Michael L. Fitzgerald
State Treasurer of Iowa


Woman with Down Syndrome in a boxing ring. Has a pair of red boxing gloves on.

Fight for the Right to Save

More than 112,000 Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) accounts are open nationwide, and nearly 1,600 of them with Iowa?s ABLE plan, IAble [ [link removed] ]. If you think that?s impressive, consider this: an estimated 6 million more people with disabilities in the U.S. would be eligible to open an ABLE account upon the passage of the ABLE Age Adjustment Act.

ABLE accounts provide a tax-advantaged way for individuals with disabilities and their support systems to save above the asset cap placed on eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicaid and other federal programs. As the ABLE Act stands today, eligibility for an account requires the individual?s disability to be present before their 26 birthday. The ABLE Age Adjustment Act would increase the age to 46.

As administrator of IAble, I wholeheartedly support this Act, as it would help those living with a disability achieve their version of a better life experience. Shelley, an Ames native who recently testified before the Senate Special Committee on Aging [ [link removed] ], has worked hard to share her story and the crucial implications the Act would have on her life and others. In her testimony, Shelly explains:

Shelley Jaspering Quote

*Read Shelley's Full Testimony* [ [link removed] ]

Knowing the importance of this Act, I encourage you to reach out to Senator Grassley and Senator Ernst regarding S. 331 and your representative regarding H.R. 1219. It is crucial they hear from people that would be positively impacted by the passage of this bill. Thank you for your support!

*Contact Senator Grassley* [ [link removed] ]

*Contact Senator Enrst* [ [link removed] ]

*Find Your Representative* [ [link removed] ]


Blue piggy bank being held by a family

529 Investment Spotlight: Age-Based Tracks

Nearly 70% of College Savings Iowa [ [link removed] ] participants choose to invest in one of the Plan?s age-based tracks. Why? Let?s find out.

*Adjusted Automatically*

Perhaps one of the most sought-after features of the College Savings Iowa age-based tracks [ [link removed] ] is they are adjusted automatically. The younger your children, the more aggressively your funds will be invested. Then, at different age points between newborn to 18 years old, your money will gradually move to more conservative investments. This helps minimize your risk as your children near higher education age, while still giving your funds the ability to grow.

*Four Options*

There?s not only one age-based track to choose from, but four! Choose from conservative growth, moderate growth, growth and aggressive growth to find the perfect mix for your family!

*Professionally Managed*

Like all College Savings Iowa investments, the money in your account will be professionally managed by Vanguard when you invest in the age-based tracks. College Savings Iowa and Vanguard have been together since the Plan?s inception in 1998 ? you can?t go wrong with over 20 years of experience investing in the higher education dreams of our youth.

*Learn More*

Visit [ [link removed] ] to learn more about the Plan?s age-based tracks, as well as individual portfolios and a guide to help you choose your investments.

*Age-Based Tracks* [ [link removed] ]

*Individual Portfolios* [ [link removed] ]

*Investment Guide* [ [link removed] ]


Woman holding $100 bills
Splash into Cash

The Great Iowa Treasure Hunt is not your traditional treasure hunt ? it?s better! Why? Because you don?t need a map to track down your gold!

Through this program, I am able to publicize the names of individuals and businesses who have unclaimed money being safeguarded by my office. These assets, previously held by financial institutions or companies, were deemed unclaimed after going a specific amount of time without any activity.

Some examples include forgotten checking and savings accounts, stocks, uncashed checks, life insurance policies, utility refunds and contents of safe deposit boxes. But how could someone lose track of their money? It happens more than you think! Sometimes it?s as simple as moving but forgetting to inform the business of your new address.

Do you have any to claim? Splash into cash by searching your name at! It?s free, secure and easy to use.

*Claim Your Money* [ [link removed] ]

We?re holding money for more than just individuals. Businesses and organizations are on the list, too! Check out these summer-themed businesses, for example:

*Name* *City* *Amount* Grand Harbor Resort Dubuque $977.22 Adventureland Park Altoona $684.66 Urban Ice Cream Urbandale $283.49 Kings Pointe Resort Storm Lake $194.88 Schwans Ice Cream Dyersville $166.40 Heyns Ice Cream Iowa City $141.75 4 Kids Ice Cream Des Moines $135.50 Diggers Diner & Ice Cream Aplington $90.83 Lake Manawa Ice Cream Council Bluffs $81.53 Arrowhead Resort Okoboji $66.00

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