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You know john, my team at Abortion Access Front and I spend A LOT of time talking about abortions, access to abortions, reproductive rights, uteri, etc etc. 

You know who we WISH would think more about how much birth control and abortion have benefitted them?

Cis men, and dads who got to be dads because they chose to be dads. 

If you got the choice to be a dad, then you probably have birth control and abortion to thank for that! 

Sooo, since this Sunday is Father’s Day, we thought we’d team up with a couple of our favorite dads, W. Kamau Bell (We Need to Talk about Cosby) and Adam Mansbach (Go the F*ck to Sleep) on a video tribute to remind these literal mother fuckers about the role reproductive freedom has played in helping them thrive!

W Kamau Bell dressed like Moses from the bible is holding a document marked SUPREME COURT RULING LEAKED

As Kamau puts it - “Throughout history, dads have enjoyed our position on the sidelines cheering on the action, but we can’t afford to do that at this critical time … I’m here to welcome dads – and everybody else on the sidelines – into the fight.”

So check out this video, forward it to every dad and dude you know, and if they are looking for ways to join the fight, tell ‘em to SIGN UP FOR OPERATION SAVE ABORTION!


It takes all of us in this fight to ensure we win - even you, Dad. 

Happy Father’s Day! Or Happy You’re NOT a Father’s Day, thanks to birth control and abortion!



Lizz Winstead


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