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Date December 3, 2019 2:05 AM
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Huge! Today's Washington Post exposes: State lawmakers acknowledge
lobbyists helped craft their op-eds attacking Medicare-for-all. Excerpt:

Lobbyists either helped draft or made extensive revisions to opinion
columns published by three state lawmakers in a way that warned against
the dangers of Medicare-for-all and other government involvement in health
care, according to emails obtained by The Washington Post...

Lobbyists are trying to bend public opinion away from an idea that has
seized much of the debate during the current Democratic presidential
primary...But the ideas are also very popular among many Americans, and
the health-care industry has taken notice.

And guess what? Many false talking points that Big Insurance and Big
Pharma is supposed to have put in the mouths of lawmakers are the same
points Pete Buttigieg has been saying to scare and deceive voters on the
campaign trail. Two of the three legislators who let Big Insurance write
their op-eds were Democrats!

[ [link removed] ]Sign the petition: "All Democratic politicians -- including Pete
Buttigieg -- must stop repeating insurance industry talking points
designed to scare voters. Medicare For All is popular because it will
lower costs, reduce bankruptcies, expand choice of doctors, lower
prescription prices, and cover things like long-term care, dental, and
vision. Democrats should make our case, not repeat false case Big
Insurance talking points."

We're telling media about this petition. Your voice matters now because
the fight with Big Insurance and Big Pharma is on.

The Partnership for America’s Health Care Future -- a front group funded
by Big Insurance -- has spent more than $1 million on TV ads against
Medicare For All since August, especially in early presidential primary

The Washington Post credits one of our main partners -- Medicare For All
Now -- for exposing these dirty tricks. "The group obtained the documents
through Freedom of Information Act requests." Smart! (Support their work

Our friend Wendell Potter, a former health insurance executive who now
leads Business for Medicare For All, told the Post: "These secret emails
blow open what I saw firsthand and revealed as a health insurance
whistleblower: These companies and their lobbyists will stoop to whatever
it takes, no matter how grotesque, to deny people the lifesaving coverage
they need. This is just the latest reason we need to reform this broken
system where greedy corporations determine who can get medical treatment
in America.”

[ [link removed] ]Sign the petition: Democratic politicians -- including Pete Buttigieg
-- should not aid and abet Big Insurance and Big Pharma in scaring and
deceiving the public.

(And, [ [link removed] ]please support the work of our partners who blew the whistle on
these fake op-eds, Medicare For All Now.)

Together we must show that Medicare for All is popular and will bring down
costs for families. Thanks for being a bold progressive.

-- The PCCC Team

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told PCCC members, "The majority of Americans are with us on the policies. Americans support Medicare for All, expanding Social Security benefits, gun reform, debt-free college, and a $15 minimum wage. Bold progressive values are popular EVERYWHERE. Together, we have the people. Together, with your help, we’ll have the votes." Chip in $3 here: [link removed]

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