From Mary Ellen Smith, Team Hick <[email protected]>
Subject The Koch network
Date December 3, 2019 1:19 AM
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Between Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell's efforts, we're already seeing a lot of shady money pour into Colorado on behalf of Cory Gardner, but things just got even more troubling.

The Koch network (yes, those Kochs) have placed a six-figure ad buy to support Gardner and three other embattled Republicans--officially buying their way into this race.

This is a scary development, team--we've seen what they're willing to do and spend to get their way. We need a burst of grassroots support tonight to help fight back.

Make no mistake: The Kochs are buying into this race because they know John will be a threat to their far-right interests in the Senate.

As Governor, John fought tooth and nail to protect wilderness and expand public lands in Colorado, and he made our state a leader in the fight against climate change nationwide.

Cory Gardner, on the other hand, is the first Colorado senator in 50 years not to sponsor a single bill to expand wilderness in Colorado, and he's sided with the Trump administration time and time again to undermine efforts to fight climate change.

This Senate seat does not belong to wealthy special interests in Washington--it belongs to the people of Colorado, and it's up to us to prove it.

Team, the Senate majority is within our grasp next year, but we need all hands on deck if we're going to get there. Chip in whatever you can right now:

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Mary Ellen Smith
Campaign Manager
Hickenlooper for Colorado


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