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Subject John Oliver eviscerates Big Tech
Date June 14, 2022 12:51 PM
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There are few things Congress seems to be able to do nowadays.

But as John Oliver lays out in his latest episode of Last Week Tonight, Congress can pass historic bipartisan legislation today to rein in Big Tech monopolies.

As he says, “Ending a monopoly is almost always a good thing, whether it’s AT&T, or Standard Oil, or literally any game of Monopoly. When harmful monopolies end, innovation flourishes.”

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John Oliver explains how Big Tech monopolies including Google, Apple, and Amazon preference their own products over others on their platforms, undermining competitors and consumer choice. He makes the case for Congress to pass two key bills:

- The American Innovation and Choice Online Act will prevent dominant platforms from rigging online marketplaces by self-preferencing and picking winners and losers.

- The Open App Markets Act will set fair, clear, and enforceable rules to protect competition and strengthen consumer protections within the app market.

As John Oliver said, “There are two bills before Congress right now with bipartisan support that could curtail some of big tech’s excesses. But…if they don't pass in the next month, they are unlikely to pass at all.”

We can’t let this moment pass us by. Urge your Senators to support this historic bipartisan legislation to rein in Big Tech monopolies:

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Together, we can hold Big Tech monopolies accountable and strengthen our antitrust laws to protect consumers, competition, and innovation.

Le’s get to it ,

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Nicole Gill
Co-founder & Executive Director
Accountable Tech

We see the irony of asking you to take action on the same platforms we’re fighting to hold accountable, but they are… well… dominant. We have to reach people where they are in order to level the playing field -- and we’re ready to bring the fight right to their own platforms.


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