From John Fetterman <[email protected]>
Subject Sheetz > Wawa
Date June 13, 2022 9:52 PM
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I’m gonna talk about growing up in Pennsylvania, but first, I have to ask: Can you chip in $5 – split between John Fetterman and Gary Peters – to help fund our General Election Campaign? I’m *so* grateful for your support (even if you think Wawa > Sheetz). 🙄

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Ok, now onto the good stuff. 

I was born in Reading, Pennsylvania when my parents were just two teenagers starting out on their own. I love my parents, even if Gisele is their favorite.

We started out struggling. My dad was a union grocery worker at ShopRite, working night shifts. The union way of life helped keep our family together while he went to college. Dad ended up graduating, and got a good job as an underwriter.

After we moved, I grew up in suburban south central Pennsylvania. I graduated from Central York High School and went to college in Reading, just like my dad did. 

When I left Pennsylvania for grad school, I *never* envisioned myself ending up in public service – not as Mayor of Braddock for 15 years, and certainly not as Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania.

Image of John Fetterman as a young man.

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But I came back to Pennsylvania because that's where my heart is. And alongside my amazing wife, Gisele, I have dedicated my life to improving our Commonwealth.

When Pennsylvania lawmakers pushed outdated, discriminatory policies banning marriage equality, I officiated one of the first gay marriages in Pennsylvania. 🌈

When Braddock was overlooked and counted out, we created jobs and got young people engaged. We created a community center, urban gardens, and a free store run by Gisele. ✊

And when the Pennsylvania GOP sent their flag police to take down my weed + pride flags, I put them back up. I’m just gonna keep doing that. ✅

If that’s the kind of never-give-up attitude you want to see in the U.S. Senate, can you chip in $5 today, split between me and Gary Peters? To be successful, we’re gonna need to build a huge campaign across all 67 Counties in Pennsylvania.

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You may like Wawa more than Sheetz. You may say #FlyEaglesFly while I say #HereWeGo.

But help send me to the U.S. Senate and I’ll fight for *all* of youse, just like I’ve been fighting for Pennsylvania my whole life.


John Fetterman
Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania


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